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1989 Honda GL 1500/6 Goldwing

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What’s up everybody it’s been with srk cycles calm today i’ve got a 1989 honda goldwing this is the gtl 1500 – 6 the 15 20 cc motor 5-speed transmission with reverse weighing in like 150 pounds this bike is a little on the rough side i’m gonna pick it apart and give you guys the lowdown on what is up with this bike it will be priced accordingly and nice eights

On the rough side i really mean cosmetically it runs pretty well as with any of these older bikes you know there’s a few things here and there there you can see the rear tire rear tires pretty decent got some life left on it got the hitch there for craze you have to pull something with a motorcycle it’s got this wild looking exhaust or splits into four i’m not

Familiar with that i can’t say that i love it but for something that will be more affordable so what you’re getting here on the back you can see that this is pretty decent shape here in the back there’s some scratches here underneath where that’s where the license plate would be i mean this badge is fading a little bit you can kind of see that there there’s some

Holes drilled i don’t know if something was there there’s actually matching on this side too i don’t know if there’s like a piece that belongs there and there that is it there or it’s not present but yeah so that’s where that is see the the old-school gold wing badge on the back there and you can see this is the back of the trunk that is all right down bad shape

There’s some some marks in here and here up here on the top on the luggage rack there is like some rust here and you know along here you can see all that this outer this outer piece right here this is actually in pretty nice shape but like i said it’s an 89 gold wing it’s got like look we’ll look at the in a minute but it’s like sixty sixty six thousand miles

Something like that see all these like mark your lights yeah so here on the side of the bag this this trim piece here is starting to bubble a little bit you see that with the camera close there’s some light scuffing in here in the clear coat yeah but it works old stuff yeah you can see the exhaust sticking down underneath taking out coming to the back and it splits

Into the pool like double pipe up here on the side get the controls with that yep and you got your passenger floorboard there’s that going badge again this side panel there’s some like certainly like peel off right there some feeding the badge here you have some starting to bubble i don’t even know what that is why that’s doing that but this is exactly how i got

It so i’m gonna sell it how i got it but again i’m like i said it runs great we’ve been riding it around we actually have been riding around the block just for fun there will be a test drive up the shawn will do don’t miss out on the test drive on this 1989 how to go away so you got the armrest air for the passenger got the backrest there for the dryer this seat

Looks like it got like almost like it got melted not sure how that would have happened but that’s with that sap there’s a tear here here here and here up here at the top but cool see ya all again here towards the end of the video along side there’s a gl 1506 yeah so there’s the front fairing on the side there’s some scratching up here a little bit of like i don’t

Like i don’t know if i want to call pitting i don’t that’s even actually chrome but you can see it there in the video you can see the front wheel got that bit cover over all that stuff this front fender is significantly faded there right there is about thick the truest to the color you can see and this badge is like the blacks coming out of the badge going there

On top this is all faded some scratching but there you go you see that you can see the headlight is this side here no the front fairing here there is some there’s this there’s like holes here it looks like there’s a trim piece that might be missing let me go see it is the same on this side but the holes are there again i was like there would be like a trim piece

Across there that it’s not there anymore again i think there might have been a cooling batch here cuz there’s holes there yeah so that’s that see here there’s highway fix there on this side and there’s a motor it is a six-cylinder the opposing six owner at the goldwings have been for a long time it is the 1500 cc though not the 1800 there’s a side panel there’s

Some scratching on there and yeah so here on the side panel got some scratching there some like scuffs almost echoes there so here on this side of the bag there is a dead right there on the bag right there it’s not soft oh just just in it in looks like it was repaired he’s painted over got some rust here on that little trim piece yeah then inside the trunk here

Very sort of the other side like we talked about it is not cosmetically fantastic but it does have the cv whips or the big whips there for the cbn for the radio you can hear the armrest and the seat up here on the top of the seat there is a tear here and there on the top again i mentioned it earlier that this is looks like a small hole here but it’s like buried

Like this figure like it was melted or something why that would be got the backrest here the router seat has a tear right here you see that and come up over the top and see all of the controls here like up on top with a tank and you know throttle lever or switch all that stuff starter gotta yada yada there’s your control or your gauges i mean in your ignition

Same thing on this side of controls clutch lever you name it there’s your cb controls down there and there’s patrols there this guy looks like he added a 12-volt you know the cigarette lighter plug in thing so this bike does have 66 thousand and nine hundred miles so almost 67,000 miles yeah so here i’m just gonna fire this thing up it’s just in here run all

In office bikie only this which does not work yeah we got honesty that’s it i’m gonna give you one more quick walk around and to turn the nisha back on so all the lights are on you guys can see all that well in one swipe it is a 1989 honda goldwing the gl 1506 1500 / 6 and the runs will seem to be mechanically sound but very aesthetically fool not perfect that’s

Probably being a little all right guys just check the bike on the website and thanks so much for watching

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1989 Honda GL 1500/6 Goldwing By Srkcycles