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,199 2011 Honda CRF250R Motocross Bike For Sale!

Take a look at this 2011 Honda CRF250R offered by Mainland Cycle Center. This bike runs and drive great. Mainland Cycle Center is located just outside of Houston, Texas in La Marque, TX. We want to earn your business! Contact us TODAY!

Hi my name is albert with megalo cycle center today i’d like to show you a 2011 honda crf 250r this is a pre-owned fight that we got it on trade here at mangalam cycle center and anyway it’s just a great looking bike when runs are really nice drives good fantastic condition just ready for a new owner you know in our new bike videos we really like to showcase a lot of

The technical features of the bike in my pre-owned bikes i really like to focus more on condition this bike is really a nice condition it’s not new so there aren’t going to be some signs of use but all-in-all this bike really looks great just kickstart does have a single overhead cam with four valves this bike is fuel-injected has an aluminum chassis senior aluminum

Chassis there so i think the showa inverted front forks yeah the showa forks nissen brakes on it so missin master cylinders and calipers on it got your wavy style rotors that we like because they dissipate heat real well all these little holes and all that is just more surface area to dissipate heat get air flowing across those aluminum rims got the stock muffler on

It stock plastic it does have a replacement graphics kit when we gotta get on trade it had some some graphics from sponsors and so forth oh this bike was not raced real seriously but it was just some local racing it was a young lady that was riding this bike so anyway it’s had a pretty easy life i think it runs runs real good it’s got a little launch device on it

There it’s got a set of asv levers it’s got a set of tag aluminum bars i said all the original plastic on the bike still does have an hour meet art it’s showing fifty point five hours since new there you go fifty point five hours on that our meter so look at the side motor ain’t like i said everything looks really great on this bike just needs a new home somebody

To get out and ride it like it needs to be written aluminum swing arm to go without aluminum chassis it is a 2011 model crf 250r and i’m gonna set the camera down see if i can good mic does just like it’s supposed to do runs like i said runs and starts and idles and drives really nice and just a great looking pre-owned crf 250r anyway if you’re interested in this

One we urge you to come by and take a look at it we would love to you know see it a little closer and if you’re experienced rider bring your gear and take a little demo ride on it here at the store we’d be happy to let you do that alright well that’s a look at this 2011 honda crf 250r we are mainland cycle center we’re located in lamar texas we’re about 30 minutes

South of downtown houston just off of i 45 you can find us online at main land cycle center comm you can give us a call at four oh nine nine four eight four nine sixty nine or even better come by and see us in person here at manual cycle center where we’d love to help you any way we can hey thanks for watching

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$4,199 2011 Honda CRF250R Motocross Bike For Sale! By Mainland Cycle Center