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2003 Honda Hornet 600 / Overview – best motorcycle Honda hornet top speed 260klmh

2003 Honda Hornet 600 Silver Review / Overview – best motorcycle Honda hornet top speed 260klmh

Hello and welcome to retro bikes dublin today we have for sale a honda horn 600 it’s a 2003 bike and silver with these kind of orange decals on on the wheels dual front disc and rear disc as well and very good all-round bike reviews on mine his bikes have been going this model of the bike was there for quite a few years and was highly regarded as a nice ever

Reliable commuter bike and and as per usual and i’ll go from the front to the rear on condition wise of the bike and then finally come back and do an overview at the end just to say as well has that crush bars the front of the bike and on the left and right hand side as well as on the bar ends of the handlebars and what else is there to say about the bike i think

That’s probably about it and previous owner was a lady and it’s treated the bike very well and it has had a fall or two and as well come to on the damage so front tire front tire is okay and not amazing not bad either and front mudguard and slide scoffs in the front wheel guard here going on to the front then you have m the bulb in here is actually a brighter than

Standard bulb and aftermarket front indicators and on to the side of the bike then we have the sign of the crash bars and as you can see has a few scrapes on them engine casing is all good though no major damage to report on here few little scrapes or little imperfections on the tank here as you can see going through the bike tank grips as well on the front of the

Tank itself going down onto the midsection of the bike then again slight imperfections as you can see here then going on to the rear has rip in yin footpegs on us some people like to take these off in these six hundreds they’re good to have it scrapes on then on to the exhaust is more of the far end then and just little ones here and the same on the back on the

Kind of pillion seat side and the plastics you have scrapes going along here too as i said it’s a thousand and three bike standard indicators on the back rear tire is okay again same as the front onto the swing arm a few little scrapes here and there again nothing too major and again onto the pyre the pillion side plastics we have a few little marks going on there

It’s kind of what to expected these these six hundreds are well used very reliable commuter bikes people do use them and so there is a few marks on these little things but all together mechanically very very nice and again onto the crush bars on the side here moving on to the front again we have little marks that i showed you on the front guard well it’s all good

And again if you’re looking into getting the full a license this is just on the edge of it so if you’re looking to get something that’s not too big but you want to qualify for the a license and get the full a license yourself now this is something you can look into i will start the bike again and again i’ll show you it is from cold is from kohl’s hold on to the

Exhaust for a few seconds for you as per usual with these bikes they like a bit of choke to start so full choke on ignition okay so that’s the bike a full walk around tour and overview of the bike itself and if you are interested in this bike it will be up for sale on our facebook page and our dome dia page asked retro bikes allah

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2003 Honda Hornet 600 / Overview – best motorcycle Honda hornet top speed 260klmh By Retro Bikes Dublin