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2004 Honda Valkyrie Rune AMSOIL10W-40 Motor Oil Change

We changed the motor oil on Richards 2000 for Honda Valkyrie Rune with Amsoil oil 10W-40 metric motorcycle oil.

Hey how’s it going guys welcome back to synthetic oil protection i’m your host even so today we’re working on a richards beautiful 2004 honda valkyrie rune now this is built by honda america and we’re going to start out with an oil change and we’re starting right now if you’re new to my channel definitely consider subscribing you can tap the little red icon in the

Corner that way you can come back and watch this important information for your vehicle later first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna follow up kinda with richards experience so richard how did this thing feel over the course of a year i i didn’t feel it at all this is the smoothest front of motorcycle i’ve ever ridden and i gotta say like shortly after switching

To amsoil he got quieter they got smoother and he’s getting used to it there’s all the little knocks and nick’s in every engine on a motorcycle your ride holy cow yeah he mentioned how it shifted right away and i think we did the oil change about a year ago we didn’t get a chance to do a video on it but however we got a follow up going on and we’re gonna take a look

At what this motors motor oil looks like richard go ahead and set this bad boy perfectly upright and let’s go ahead and check that motor oil so we’ll take a look here we’re just gonna go ahead and wipe her off a couple of strokes on that old dipstick cleanliness is next to godliness but actually cleanliness is next to impossible so just leave it alone unless it’s

Your dipstick all right we’re gonna go ahead and check our oil level we’re just gonna thread her all the way in now richard how many miles do you have on this thing and how many miles since the oil change oh 15,000 about 15,000 on this motor oil and filter and did you do a lot of highway driving or city about 50/50 actually and that’s what the motor oil looks like

Now how much oil did you add over the course of the year nothing added nothing and that’s where it’s at at the dipstick right there and it looks good still this oil is actually good for about two to four times longer than oem but you have to definitely be careful with your filter and check your manufacturer recommended drain they’re volts but we’re gonna go ahead

And drain her down and then feel her up you got our breaker box we also got our 10 mil socket 10 mil allen key should i say and all we do is come right underneath super easy right here right underneath the motor and you’re gonna see the allen key and it’s right here and it’s actually lower and it’s actually towards the side of the kickstand so a time to go ahead

And just crack or loose all right here we go there she blows she’s that easy way about hitting yourself with the big long breaker by doing it yourself in the schnoz and and she feels really loosey goosey so i feel hot enough to pull this pan here come by hand coming by hand is always good make sure you don’t drop your bolt off and we splooged all over the place

All right nothing’s coming huh absolutely nothing’s coming up well i might just have to level the bike maybe we have to level the bike good suggestion richard i’m gonna go and cracker motor oil loose we got our seventeen mill and the other thing we took off is actually a drain for the oil filter believe it or not we found that out because very little came out so

Now all we do is come here they’re a big old breaker bar get it on here see if we can get a good angle on her she could be a little bit of a stickler alright guys here we go we’re gonna crack her loose there she is oh on the count of three a 1 a 2 and a theory and there she blows beautiful look at how clean that is it’s like a little chocolate waterfall alright

Guys we’re gonna go crack our filter loose we got our standard filter wrench pliers really makes it easy and just a total piece of cake just cracking her loose here she’s already pretty loose now we’re just gonna go by hand in a second and there she blows sit then and come out with this cute little guy and this is our amsoil oil filter that was on ever since the

Last oil change there she is alright guys this is our old oil filter and this has been on for about a year and what makes the amsoil filter so good which this is this is an amsoil filter is it’s got a silicone anti drain back valve and that valve doesn’t deform and it doesn’t crack and you’ll notice how square it is all the way around and when you actually turn

Your motorcycle off and it sits overnight on other filters like om a lot of other lower quality filters the oil actually drains back out of the filter and when you go to start your motorcycle the next day there’s a temporary disruption in flow and that flow does about 80 to 90 percent of the wear on most engines on cars trucks suvs motorcycles harley’s any of them

And by using a better filter that flows faster you have an exponentially better protection and now we’re going to go into prepping our new oil filter which is right here this is our fresh oil filter and it filters at 98.7 percent efficiency at 20 microns also it’s a proprietary synthetic medium which is designed for extended drain intervals so basically this filter

Is good for about 2 to 3 longer than the oem honda filter and it actually flows faster that start up and this is the brand new filter i’m gonna take all right we’re gonna go ahead and take her out and what this is is it’s a real nice upgrade and the thing that’s so great about it is when it flows faster you actually get better fuel mileage less resistance so there’s

Our brand spankin new filter and you can see how the filter the anti drain back valve looks just like the one that’s a year old and this synthetic medium in here not only does it filter at ninety eight point seven percent efficiency but it also holds four times more contaminants than cellulose paper filters and most oem honda’s toyota’s are all cellulose paper so

That’s kind of what the difference is we’re gonna go ahead and fill her halfway up and thread on we’re gonna go ahead and feel her up with our hundred percent synthetic metric motorcycle this is good for a lot of honda’s all the different major motorcycle brands this meets and exceeds the specification by about two to four times some of the motor oils it actually

Beats it by more than four times and what makes it different is it keeps the metal separated and by keeping the metal separated there’s less friction less heat less wear on the pistons and cams also the bearings last much longer because there’s less heat and you have much better flow so now we’re gonna take our filter and we’re gonna fill her up about halfway not

Quite because it’s mounted on the side we don’t want the oil to run out so we just put our fresh liquid golden hoof inga is this in that big of a filter and we’re gonna go ahead and get her nice and wet it’s a gingerly move we always do just to make sure she threads on like butter it’s a necessity and we always want to make it easier on everything the motorcycle

The filter in the fingers got your rubbers wet now with confidence we go ahead and just well thread her on all right guys it’s that time richard is gonna have his chance to go ahead and feel her up time to get richard the honors get in there richard feel her up or in look at this look at this look at it go look at that gold look at it i’m watching time i got it

You hit me with it or okay don’t worry about one of that much higher trust your intuition went all over the place i can’t control it good we got it richard got his toes wet i’m coming next all right guys it’s that time to go ahead and feel her up let’s do it just crack her loose and now we just start feeling we start low and just bring her up yeah you can feel

The protection all right guys we just got warm on that last port but now i’m ready to really bring it up let’s go ahead and feel her up don’t do it poorly all right he said don’t do it poorly all right i won’t we’re gonna go just bring her up tall here we go let’s get in the zone even that’s poor fect yeah woohoo we got her done it’s that time to put our 0.9

Court end this takes three point nine courts in this one i’m just gonna go ahead and just do it fairly low you’ve got to have control with this one i don’t need any spillage we got this far so we’re just gonna hang in there right let’s go ahead and motor her up alright guys it’s gonna be our first start up richard tell us a little bit about it so the first thing

You’re gonna hear is whistle and it’s the fuel pump spraying fuel into the cylinders how it’s ready to start when i get it out of here i can hear it a little bit vibration although kind of three we’ll start her up one a-two and theory and she’s all nice and warm now so she’s off idle up you can hear how she purrs so i wanted to mention to you guys we also

Did a harley-davidson on the channel with dan back about i don’t know four or five months ago we did the gearbox the transmission we did the motor oil on the harley so not only do we have the american stuff we got this is actually more american i guess than a harley than a lot of harley’s and when they made it back then it’s an interesting motorcycle and we will

Be back next time but you know what i’m gonna go ahead and put a little link in the corner so you can check out that harley davidson fluid changes it’s a playlist of all the fluids on the harley we did and we could be back next time to do some more fluids on this little angel and also you’ve got a sport bike or something like that as well yeah so yeah whether

You have the harley what not now richard here you’re at amsoil preferred customer aren’t you i am and i prefer it he really prefers it so yeah if you ever want to get this the products here at 25% off i got my link in the description below you click on it and you order a hundred bucks or more you get free shipping and it gets there basically next day if you’re far

From a distribution center it could be two days at the most three days flat the products are right there at your house and that’s pretty much it and i’m going to go ahead and put the harley fluid changes we’ll put that description right here and you can click on it and that’s pretty much it if you guys enjoyed this and this video helped you out definitely consider

Subscribing can tap the little red eye corner and if you really thought this was a lot of fun my thumbs up really helps the channel through was those crazy tall pores i mean you got to be careful i mean like paulo yeah that’s more it can be dangerous when you get into those crazy funky all right we’ll see you guys thanks you guys

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2004 Honda Valkyrie Rune AMSOIL10W-40 Motor Oil Change By Synthetic Oil Protection