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2008 Honda CBR1000RR | ADAMBIKES

Make: Honda

Lf08ncj here we have a honda cbr1000rr i’m gonna do a walk around video for you to show you the good and bad things about this bike rear tires not brand new but it looks like it’s in very good condition chain and sprockets in good condition it does come with an aftermarket chain adjuster around the bike i can’t really see any scratches or cracks or anything at

The moment if i do i will show you it has these rng pads that basically protect the frame from scratches of your shoes or anything when you’ve got your feet on the foot pegs and the rear swing arm has these crash sliders both sides i’ll show you the other one in a second short adjustable levers on both sides also there’s a tank protector sticker which goes

With the bike it’s quite nice i am not 100 sure but i believe these might be gopro mounts that they’ve put on their bike so if you like recording when you’re riding or something like that i believe it clips onto them front tire again not brand new but it’s in very good condition discs are in good condition i haven’t seen any marks or anything so far i believe

This is an aftermarket tinted screen on this side it has a official rng slider it looks like on the other side it just has a aftermarket one does not have a brand there’s another gopro mount here i believe if it is not i’m sorry for mentioning that more rng pad scratch protectors for the frame does come with a yoshimoto exhaust system i’m not sure if it’s a

Full system i think it is just a linkage pipe in the end can does come with braided brake hoses on the front and back as you can see here this is a very clean example of this bike engine casing doesn’t have any marks or anything on it looks very clean the bike currently has 19 588 miles which is sounds very good to me for a 2008 bike i’m gonna try to start

It now for you and see so you can have a listen me obviously this is a very loud bike so i cannot rev it too high but it sounds very nice engine sounds clean i think on the i’ve noticed on the high beam is after you click it it does come on but the first couple clicks it flickers a little but it does still work and i’m not too sure if the flash

Button is working i believe you might just have to spray some wd into both of them and it should be all good obviously if not it will be sold like this so we cannot fix this all in all a very nice sounding bike it’s got a lot of additives that are very good to this bike it has quite low mileage for this year as well and that’ll be it for lfoa ncj you

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2008 Honda CBR1000RR | ADAMBIKES By AdamBikes