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2009 Honda CMX250C

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Hi i’m ken kaplan and this is one of the most popular motorcycles honda has ever made the venerable honda rebel 250 cm x 250 classic styling bulletproof honda reliability and it’s just a blast to ride this bike gets close to 70 miles of the gallon has a six-speed transmission you can take it on the highway has a very very low seat height and this thing is just

Absolutely in stunning condition the nicest of all the rebel two fifties we’ve had in and we’ve had a dozen of these in the last couple years come in they’re super popular bikes anytime i get a chance to buy one i buy it and check this out not only does it have this factory cobalt blue metallic blue paint job but as a blue led light so at night even in the

Daytime at castle a nice blue glow all over the bottom of the bike has a tasteful honda line accessory backrest and it has an adjustable height windshield i normally the first thing i do when i get on a bike with a windshield in the backrest is i take them off and throw them out not this one these ones are beautiful very nice addition to the motorcycle other

Than that it’s a hundred six hundred percent bones stock original right down to the original paint and everything is just mint shape it does have a new dunlop rear tire on it which quite remarkably with 3,700 miles it has a brand new tire on i’m sure it didn’t need it but the woman who owned this thing was absolutely nuts about this bike she kept the inner

Heated house and this is her baby she maintained it perfectly it’s an absolutely stunning condition the paint is beautiful the chrome is beautiful usually the aluminum on the front forks has like a patina on it it gets a little pitted and whatnot and the chrome gets a little rough not this one this one’s like brand new it’s absolutely museum quality piece and if

It doesn’t sell my daughter is going to be riding this next summer it’s fall here in new england we’re gonna put it up for sale and i’m sure it’ll be gone but if it isn’t my daughter’s gonna be riding this sold by burt ives honda brand-new right here in willimantic 3746 must do some close-ups on this kenny show them how pristine the the gauges are look at the

Gas tank the original factory stickers which people usually take off are still on there come around this side here it has the factory stickers on the swing arm just beautiful no damage to the pegs or being a pregnant primarily a beginners bike usually there they have scratches on the turn signals not these it turn signals the levers the pegs everything’s mint

The spikes never been dropped on this side if you come around the other side look at this dunlop tire this is a two hundred dollar tire take a look at this it still has the nubs on it it’s brand brand new less than ten miles on it it’s a huge upgrade over the stock tire check out the arm around this side here kenny the leverage no scratches on the levers or on

The on the grips the pegs the shifter everything is beautiful one small little scratch on the on the rear turn signal here couple scratches looks like from someone’s boot or something like that but um seats in beautiful shape the only defect i found on the bike is a little m&m sized dent or ding right here on the front of the gas tank which is a shame but

Uh you know it’s a little beauty mark you wouldn’t even notice it unless i pointed it out i think the pictures and the way this bike runs speaks for itself it’s like a brain buying a brand new motorcycle it also has a brand new battery on it in addition to the brand new rear tire it’s just been professionally detailed went through our detail shop the chains

Adjusted perfectly it’s a brand new the brakes are perfect it ships perfectly really not much to say about it other than it’s like buying a brand new motorcycle so you can’t go wrong with these honda’s they’re going up in value now a new 250 is gonna set you back five six grand you can buy this for a fraction of that and i’ll tell you i love the style of the

Rebel as the forward shocks like almost looks like a little mini harley-davidson basically so good luck bidding on it we can ship it anywhere in the country for about 500 or less east coast for owner or less so good luck bidding on it and god bless america and whoever gets this bikes gonna have one hell of a fun ride so you want to summarize it and then kenny

No good luck bidding guys and god bless take care

Transcribed from video