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2014 Honda Goldwing Valkyrie F6C first ride

My first ride experience with my ‘new’ 2014 Honda Valkyrie. It’s a Goldwing, but without all that “Goldwing” all over it. Flat 6 engine.

Whoa – love any rate is a healthy blend of adoration and some kind of tempering those respect or fear 2014 honda valkyrie f6c has plenty of both this is my first ride review i want to first off thank pete cycles of baltimore for getting me a pretty good deal and i will go into all of the nuts and bolts of that deal a little bit later this is i really just want

To have a first ride this first ride review i’ve already had to write it down from baltimore and it was one hell of an experience so the first thing you notice when you start it up is that it doesn’t have a rumble of say a harley or even sort of the grumbly whine of my shadow spirit bt 750 not surprising flat-six engine is incredibly smooth even at highway speeds

In homes it hums contentedly at 65 miles an hour at about 2,500 rpms it is smooth and it is fast in the lower ranges lower speeds it’s still a five-speed gearbox just like the bt 750 really could use a six ear but you know it’s okay in the lower ranges it is incredibly torquey and i won’t do it on purpose i swear by my ancestors but there are plenty of videos of

Burnouts and kealing outs and i’m sure this could probably really if it wanted to i don’t want it to once you’re going up you know 25 30 miles an hour 40 miles an hour it runs great it is super smooth and it’s nice and and not quiet but it isn’t the when you’re going all-out it isn’t the like klingon death howl of a harley with pipes or even the the struggling

Screens of my 750 trying to keep up on i-95 it hums it really just comes along and one thing it’s funny i noticed one of the reviews and i’ll i’ll link it up somewhere commented on the intake hawk of the intake for the air intake for the engine and you know it has a very distinctive intake home and i kind of like it it’s not a perfect bike i just wanna do a quick

Rundown on this the first one being mirrors the mirrors are crap just adjusting them going down the road so i could see this this lock nut just go instantly lose so i’m going to tighten this up with a nice probably nineteen millimeter wrench but yeah man that’s not a big fan of that happening not being able to see it was on it was on both sides i just it just

Flopped over it yeah that’s suck that sucks being able to see i wish the throttle wasn’t so freakin sensitive but even in fifth year at 70 miles an hour on i-95 it you can crank it and it will go and go and go and the dealer was right mr. jeff he’ll have to hand it to you i said be careful and yeah i was doing 85 before i knew it and it had kalenna more to go and

I did not want to go that fast but it’s the reason i got this besides the shadow spirit is in rough shape it needs needs to be overhauled and restored is that it really couldn’t keep up with the 80 plus traffic that’s on 95 this posted speed limit by the way is 65 and the average speed on there is like 75 85 not in rush hour so this beefy boy can absolutely keep

Up and pass when i need to and in the side streets the turns that the twist is it’s a credibly nimble bike for being 200 pounds more than the shadow spirit which i’ve ridden for four years this is 750 pounds wet and the other gave it to me with a full tank thank you very much someday if i’m feeling grave i will take a chance see what that at cornering at speeds

Can actually do i don’t want to i don’t want to lay this thing down it’s very expensive so let’s get some helmet cam footage another thing at least with this one it came with a nelson rig tail pack i don’t know what the proper name for this billion package was already strapped down and it’s expandable that this one came with a nice little rain cover and it’s

Just big enough to hold an extra pair of underwear for when i invariably lock the back wheel up so that’ll that’ll come in handy first took it out man was it terrifying because it just goes it just goes like a sport fighting and it’s kind of interesting i’m still fairly new rider and all 1800s and 32 ccs for right there all at once and ready to go and the first

Couple miles an hour if coast goes goes from zero to infinity and then it feels like it kind of levels off a little bit but it has plenty plenty of power in the like 3,500 to 4,500 range and this i can absolutely see taking on long term trips you know to new york or to florida or out out west would this be a full cross-country cruiser i don’t know we’ll find out

We’ll find out so thank you for joining me on this beautiful cloudy day thanks again to pete cycles and mr. jeff hill for all of your help and your patience and flexibility and we’ll see you on the road be safe out there

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2014 Honda Goldwing Valkyrie F6C first ride By Bobcat Arts