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2016 16 Honda CB500X Adventure A2 Legal Sports Tourer Used Motorcycle For Sale

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Hello and welcome to the bike center my name’s ben and today i’m going to be showing you around this honda cb500x the cb500 range uh is a popular one they do the f which is the naked uh the r which is the fed and the x which is this the adventure styled 47 horsepower a2 friendly adventure bike it’s powered by the same engine 471 cc parallel twin and as i said 47

Horsepower makes this a2 friendly so it’s a popular bike for newer riders but equally being lightweight very reliable robust great on fuel and cheap to run it’s also a popular bike for people who want to commute or want a lightweight tourer this is a 2016 bike it’s covered just over nine and a half thousand miles from no it’s in very very good condition it’s got

A few nice accessories on it as well it’s a euro 4 bike um as you can see by the exhaust so 17 inch wheels on this uh the later model from 19 onwards had the the larger wheels this has got 17s which gives you a wider choice of road going tires this is the abs model as well just a single disc it’s quite a light bike so it just needs the one disc and it’s paired

With four part nissin brakes the bike’s finished in a metallic white and then it’s got the red and grey contrast in decals it’s got some aftermarket engine bars and auxiliary headlights fitted which look very nice they certainly look the part and as you can see from the headers no rust or corrosion which indicates that this bike has probably only been used in

Fair weather cosmetically it’s in very very good condition there’s a few signs of wear and tear as you’d expect but no major marks dings or scratches at all on the bike it’s in really really nice condition it’s been fitted with a center stand as you can see just underneath there and it’s got the original exhaust and tail unit on there as well lots of people do

Change those to make it a little bit louder when you’re filtering and stuff if you’re interested in aftermarket accessories exhaust tail tidies that sort of thing please let us know and we’ll do our best to look after you it’s a good bike for pillion it’s got a nice big seat and the drop between the seat and the pegs is quite big which means it’s more comfortable

This particular bike has been fitted with a lowering kit which we believe is 20 to 30 millimeters so it does have a lower seat height but it can be returned to standard if the new owner wishes um but i would say if you’re looking for a lower one this could be the bike for you up top you can see that it’s been fitted with some aftermarket uh hand guards and it’s

All got a tool also got a taller screen as well as you can see there so anyone above sort of five ten six foot uh to that sort of height the screen will help to kick the air up over the top of you around this side is very much the same um you can see the absence of the disc on this side all cb500s just have the single disc um again cosmetically on this side very

Very nice uh no major marks scratches stone chips anything like that at all things like the chain sprockets tyres and brakes are all checked during our pre-delivery this particular one is fitted with bridgestone bto23s which were a good all-round tyre and they’re in good condition um but as i said we do go through all of this stuff with a fine tooth comb when it’s

Checked prior to delivery or collection the bike comes with two keys original owners manuals and service history as i said it’s been very well treated it’s in great condition fully digital dash on this and the previous owner has fitted an aftermarket gear indicator which is something that the bikes did lack as standard actually um it’s not been particularly well

Positioned so we will reposition this down here somewhere a bit nicer before the bike goes up so as you can see the dash is fully digital so you’ve got fuel you’ve obviously got your rev counter across the top here speed and then there’s a mileage 9607 miles window let’s give her a startup for you so um there you go it’s a really nice clean and tidy bike very

Low mileage for the age of uh of the bike very very popular with new riders as i’ve already said it’ll come with a three-month warranty and free uk delivery um we do offer finance and part exchange as well if those are things that you’re interested in or you’ve got any general questions about the bike please feel free to reach out we’ve got whatsapp live chat all

The social medias you can give us a call to ask any questions that you’ve got or you can pop into the showroom for a coffee in the chat and try to buy a conference that’s it from me thank you very much for watching and i look forward to speaking to you soon take care

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2016 ‘16 Honda CB500X Adventure A2 Legal Sports Tourer Used Motorcycle For Sale By The Bike Sanctuary