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2018 Honda CRF250 – Dirt Bike Magazine

For this edition of the 18s we take a look at the 2018 Honda CRF250. This bike features an all new frame, electric start, new motor, dual exhaust, downdraft intake, and slimmer design.

The tubeless dual-chamber system is like steroids for your tires as it provides 100 psi of protection and stability at the rim where you need it and massive low psi thrashing games where you want it twice the traction twice the protection hi i’m mark tilley from dirt bike magazine and welcome back to our video series the eight teens where we take you up close

And personal with all the 2018 250cc motocross models today we’re getting our first chance to ride the 2018 honda crf 250r this is actually the last 250 cc four-stroke model that we’re receiving for 2018 and it’s received the most changes as a matter of fact this bike is brand new from the ground up you’ve probably already seen our technical video on this that we

Did a couple months ago when the bike was released so we’re not gonna bore you with all the details but basically everything that you saw on the 2017 450 our model has been updated and brought to the 250 our model including the spring forks the frame swing arm all the plastics are interchangeable now the downdraft intake system is almost identical to the 450 model

The bike comes with dunlop mx3 tires and the tanks identical naturally where the major differences are is in the engine department a big surprise to us as honda is getting away from their unit cam design engine and they’re going to a dual overhead cam design this engine features a bigger bore and shorter stroke and is an electric start only model honda is the only

Manufacturer offering a true dual pipe system for the motocross market and all the engines power can be adjusted by a switch on the handlebar allowing you to access three separate maps on the flock well that’s enough talking it’s time to ride this thing okay everybody we just got done with our first day of testing on the 2018 honda crf 250r we had multiple size

Riders as you can see in the video this bike completely engine wise is completely opposite of what last year’s is this motor revs and it revs really hot it doesn’t come on as strong down low but there’s still power down low but it gets to the mid range and on the top in and it revs suspension wise not surprised that it feels a lot like the 450 it’s definitely not

As as fast but it does handle a lot like the 450 we had a little issue with the front end diving a little bit more so we added a couple clicks of compression there and then the back end we just wanted it to settle down a little bit more so the stock setting is about 105 millimeters of sag we went to a hundred and seven hundred and eight to get that back in down

And then we went in on the high-speed compression so instead of being three and a half out it’s only two and a half out and then we added a couple clicks of compression on the low-speed side as well it just made the backend plant and have a more planted feel coming into the turn through the turn and coming out of the target or at least that was the setup that

I like the best sean who is a little bit lighter probably more of the target 250f rider he liked pretty much the stock settings he wanted to settle the back down a little bit as well and sag it out a little bit more so it didn’t turn his sharp in stock settings so he was running sag around a hundred and seven hundred and eight most of our test riders like that

Setting a little bit more than what the stock stuff at 105 million in the set compared to last year this chassis is a lot more stable and a lot more predictable and we prefer the dunlop mx3 tires that come this year stock over the mx 52 s that came last year so the 2018 model has an electric start that’s a plus in our book no matter how you look at it it did gain

A little bit of weight according to honda but nobody really seemed to complain about again this is the first day of testing so there’s going to be a lot more that we figure out we might mess around to some of the gearing maybe go up a couple teeth in the back to get a little bit more bottom out of the bike but that’s all stuff that you can read in the full test

In the january issue of dirtbike magazine and go to dirt bike magazine com2 check out all the latest industry news so the honda crf 250r is the last bike in our 18 series besides the shootout if you’ve missed the other bikes click the link now

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