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2018 Honda Goldwing DCT for sale HD 720p

$19,300 or best offer

Well hello uh what’s going on this is neil and uh just wanted to introduce myself and show you the bike that i’m selling that is this gold wing so this is the standard gold wing um different than the tour because it does not have the electronic suspension and it does not have the heated seats but once i learned that the electronic suspension really only controls

The rear i decided to go this route and add the top box myself uh some of the cool things that i’ve added to the bike are this backrest the seat which is really nice i’ve wired it for the hot wire from cycle gear heated gear and i also added this port here for the trickle charger so that’s kind of handy at least i find and then i’ve added some really cool

Um ocd i admit uh storage compartments so this kind of makes it easy for you to find your sunglasses your sunblock your gator or whatever you’re looking for and i’ve done that in both saddlebags these were custom made for this uh for the gold wing specifically and what’s nice about that is it really opens up the compartment uh you’re not just putting a bunch of

Crap in there that’s hard to get to and you’re not digging through things and then i did the same thing in the top case uh so up top it’s gonna include this obviously i’ll take my wires out and stuff like that but uh the luggage the storage compartments come with this along the back on the sides so flashlight i put my hat in there kickstand base headphones things

Like that and you can see it just leaves everything wide open and of course you’re probably familiar with the bike i’m going to assume you are there’s plenty of information about it online the other thing that’s different on the standard gold wing is the height of the winch screen i think it looks cooler and for me it was all i needed but uh obviously it’s easy

To swap out if you wanted to get the tall one and let’s go ahead and fire it up this is the dct version so you can see that we don’t have the clutch lever and here’s what it sounds like and um it’s basically in perfect condition garage kept adult owned 5634 miles on it and uh i’ve owned as many as four motorcycles at a time right now i’ve got this i’ve got a

Track bike and then i’ve got a um adventure tour and i’m actually looking to get into a bmw gsa and so my wife no longer goes to up riding with me and that is why i’m selling feel free to ask any questions you want

Transcribed from video
2018 Honda Goldwing DCT for sale HD 720p By Neil Sullivan