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2018 Honda Grom Unboxing! McKibben Powersport Honda

A special thanks goes to McKibben Powersport Honda in Winter Haven, FL for allowing me come and record the unboxing of the brand new 2018 Grom!!! I have been invited to record more if anyone has any requests, please let me know.

Hey guys what’s going on we have had a special invitation from kasey mckibben and my friend over there kyle the salesman here we’re at mckibben powersport honda and so like that over here winterhaven again they are letting me come to actually look at unboxing of a brand new 2018 honda grom love the grom you know i’m gonna get one so what we’re doing here today is

We’re gonna go around back we’re gonna actually get to see them actually box the video the whole thing put it together and stuff like that casing them invited me out here so you want to want to do it so two thumbs up to them let me tell you mckibben is the best place to come by a little grom whatever you want honda motorcycle wise it is amazing that best deals

Anywhere in central florida so let’s go ahead we’re gonna go ahead and hit it on the inside when i go around back and actually see what an unboxing of actually motorcycle looks like and record so come on let’s have some fun all right guys here we are in the back we’ve been totally welcomed in back here by the guys at mckibben power sports this is what a grom comes

In i’m actually surprised this box is pretty big i don’t know if the camera is gonna really do it justice but i would say this box honestly is about five or six feet long easy it’ll play about six feet long and about i don’t know four feet tall so it’s actually pretty cool but this is what a grom comes in as you can see occasion honda and motor company made in

Thailand so my little grom is going to made it into thailand so what i’ll do is i’ll go ahead wait for him to go ahead and open it up we’re gonna be doing piece by piece i’ll just show you what it looks like as it’s coming out and straight out of the box this literally just got delivered they told me to swing on by and i was more than welcome to record the actual

Assembly so i guess that big shout out to mckibben honda if you’re anywhere in sister florida this is the place to come they are so stinkin laid back and cool here too props up to them let’s go ahead and wait on the mechanic to come over here and start servicing it and his box is so much bigger than i honestly thought it was gonna be i really did think it was a

Little tiny because i know i had that little drum and i was thinking you know it’s gonna be a tiny little bike box and yeah this is a lot bigger than i ever thought it was gonna be oh there it is wow so it’s just tiny little bike this is great look at it wow it actually comes almost all the way assembled as tires on and everything so what do you guys actually have

To put on this right now just the mirror is the only thing you have to put on it wow that’s actually pretty crazy right there this is great man this is actually really cool there she goes she goes wow it actually is almost all the way assembled that is actually amazing it easily fits inside this giant crate easily wow that is amazing amazing looks so good yellow

I don’t know i love the yellow just it screams at me like what’s up with the yellow this easily comes apart right there pieces great here does that that was made japan these things are made in thailand totally blue line you know about it i thought i was got to have wheels put on and all that stuff nope not at all it’s crazy like it’s almost done it’s great the

New headlights are so much better-looking – than old ones it’s just a difference when you get seen up close how much better it looks that color is awesome awesome color that’s the only thing he has to put on is lanier’s that’s great these things come all the way assembled not bad at all super fun to watch you said you got a few more grounds in the back ready to

Be assembled as well yeah this is like that said the only dealership i could find in florida that actually had the colors i wanted in stock versus having to wait for some unknown period is what they told me well it’ll be in the next couple weeks and you know mckibbon in here kyle and said you come out here right now we got every color you want and we’ll do it to

The best price in florida so there’s like why not nobody beat them in price so that’s why i tell everybody just come on out here jeez the colleague i do is take off whether the covers on the foot pegs over here wow wow and then the image goes to its whatever pmi inspection yeah free delivery okay amazing there you go guys there is a brand new 2018 honda grom

All unboxed from the crate there you go so we’ve got to make sure we give a special shout out to make him for even letting us come back here and actually record all this but i know some people might want to actually get to see what a grom unboxing looks like and they invited me to come out and actually record it he says– got do a couple more today but i knew you

Know me and yellow i have to get the yellow ones so there you go it’s a big shout out very much thank you very much for casey kyle mechanics out here for letting me come around back i do appreciate it and swing by here in central florida if you are really looking for a grom there’s i don’t know if you can see it over here there’s more crates of them they’re stacked

Up there they don’t have any have assembled yet so that’s how many crumbs they have they get whatever color you want it’s just insane so there you go i hope you guys really liked the video if you did you know what to do and make sure you hit that subscribe button share get my name out there all did he they’ve invited me even to record more so maybe i’ll come out

Here and record some more like a cbr 600 stuff like anime about styles and are some fun like that so there you go love it love it love it love it later on you

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2018 Honda Grom Unboxing! McKibben Powersport Honda By NicheRiding