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2019 Honda CRF 450L Test Ride Review

The 2019 Honda CRF450L is a dual sport motorcycle, but it is much more than that. Based on the CRF250R, the L model is as close as any metric manufacturer has come to getting a motocross bike on the street.

Hello team power sports fans and welcome back to the tps moto vlog my name is sarah and i’m going to be your host today on today’s episode of the tps moto vlog we are going to be taking a look at the 2019 honda crf 450 l now this bike stands apart from all other metric dual sport motorcycles in the sense that it is not a weakened lower power street bike with

On-road off-road wheels now i’m not saying it does service to any of the other fine dual sports out there like the wr or the crf 250 l or the xt 250 or suzuki’s dr series drz 400 all fantastic motorcycles but the crf 450 l is the first of the japanese metric motorcycle manufacturers to build a dual sport out of their race bike this thing has all the travel in

The suspension it has the similar motor with a couple of changes to to make it a little bit more street worthy but for the most part this 450 l is almost the exact same as the 450 rx it’s got huge power we’re talking 40 plus horsepower straight from the factory now it is a little bit weaker than say the 450 our race bike over there because it has a little bit of

Extra weight in the engine heavier connecting rods to make it a little bit smoother for street operation but you do get like i said the full travel you get the titanium gas tank you get these really really nice-looking diid black wheels which that’s the rx i think the l looks extra saucy with those black wheels led headlight led tail light this is a motocross bike

With turn signals headlight you can ride it on the street so here we are in the saddle of the crf 450 l it feels like a motocross bike except up here on the dashboard we’ve got a key it appears as though i have a full dashboard display so i’ve got miles per hour mileage on the bike this one’s got about a hundred and sixty miles on it right now it is a factory

Demo which is super cool and the clock let’s see i’ve got my check engine lights i’ve got my high beam indicator light neutral indicator light turn signal indicator light unfortunately it does not have a gas gauge it just has a low fuel light but it does tell you how much miles per gallon you’re getting which is pretty cool right now based on just a few demo

Riots we’ve done on it it looks as though the average miles per gallon is forty eight point six which is not too shabby it’s a little over a two gallon gas tank which means you’re getting just shy of 100 miles on a on a tank of gas which isn’t horrible for for what kind of motorcycle this is let’s go back to just a standard odometer high beam low beam horn turn

Signals starter cool hear how it revs up with not very much turn of the throttle dang i don’t usually get the get the jitters when i ride a bike but this thing has a lot of power and a very small amount of weight i’m getting a lot of that big single-cylinder noise which i love which is awesome it goes through the rpm super quick so downshifting it’s just right

Into the lower gear which is pretty cool it tracks weird in corners the way anything would with big old knobby dual-sport tires on there this is fun this is super-dee-duper fun the brakes are excellent obviously when you have all the suspension travel you do get a little bit of dive in the front end even if you’re applying the rear brake as well but that’s a

Cool motorcycle alright now that i’m getting getting used to the way the power comes on it’s it’s fairly strong i mean this this really is the essence of the hooligan motorcycle so even with the kind of squirrely dual-sports hires then it comes with from the factory it is not that bad in these long sweeping corners all right don’t get too crazy with it sarah

I can tell that if you wanted to you could you could 12 o’clock this bike very easily in many of the gears again not that i’m recommending it so let’s talk a little bit about the ergonomics of this bike it’s a dirt bike the seat is not really designed for comfort although i will say i am i don’t find the seat to be grossly uncomfortable to sit on the handlebars

Are low and in front of you in a very comfortable and neutral position but this being a motocross bike that has been redesigned for the street the seat is extremely long so if you’re out there jumping on the dirt you might want to sit further forward to get your weight over the center line of the bike if you’re trying to bring the front up you might want to sit

Closer to the back the one only really drawback i can see to going with the 450 l is because this is based on the 450 our race motorcycle it does have a much much shorter service interval than say a traditional dual sport motorcycle 600 miles are your service intervals but when you think about a race bike and remember that a race bike has to be serviced like

Every 15 hours or every time you race it 600 miles of getting out there and running around on the street isn’t really that preposterous and since this is a performance oriented motorcycle not really a long-distance tourer i don’t really think you’re going to be riding at several hundred miles at a time chances are you’re probably going to be riding it to your

Favorite dirt road or your favorite urban area or your favorites motocross track the benefit here being instead of having to load up your dirt bike into the back of your trunk or on your trailer and get gas and drive to the place you can just get on your 450 l and write it to where you’re gonna ride right around a little bit and then head back home now that

I’ve been riding it for a few minutes this bike is really cool and really interesting the power comes on crazy strong like if you’ve never wrote a motocross bike before it’s shocking how fast that motor revs from just nothing don’t wide open suspension travel is excellent the exhaust note on this thing is absolutely fantastic motocross bike it’s a little toasty

Out here today tps fans and i will say in true dirtbike form and fashion i am getting a little bit of engine heat from here around where the exhaust goes up past the frame and out to the rear end one final walk riding this thing out here on the street makes me feel like i’m in one of those rough-and-tumble dirtbike street gangs that you see on the news except

I can’t get in trouble for this because that’s legal no license plate a license for shenanigans alright ladies and gentlemen there it is the 2019 honda crf 450 l i give it 10 out of 10 on shenanigans i give it 10 out of 10 on hooligans i give it 7 out of 10 on comfort you got to come down here to team power sports and garner we’re at 222 u.s. 70 east in garner

North carolina you can find us on the web at wwe roam facebook instagram and youtube at team power sports and hashtag tps nc hopefully we’ll see you here that’s it for the tps motovlog friends we will see you next time

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2019 Honda CRF 450L Test Ride Review By TEAM POWERSPORTS