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2019 Honda CRF450R Works Edition – Dirt Bike Magazine

For this test we take a look at the all new Honda CRF450R Works Edition. This is a unique model released from Honda with the racer in mind. This bike features DLC coated forks, aggressive mapping, aggressive launch control, Throttle Jockey graphics, Yoshimura exhaust, hand polished head, and all the changes Honda received on the standard 2019 model.

Hi and welcome back to dirtbike magazines video series the 19’s where we take you up close and personal with all the 2019 motocross models as you can see behind me this is a little bonus we’re getting our first chance to ride the 2019 honda crf 450 our w/e so the honda 450 rwe is what it says it is it’s a works edition motorcycle it got all the

Updates that the honda 450 are got for this year with the new engine configuration new frame new subframe new swing arm everything was designed to lighten the motorcycle up and then they pack on a hand ported head kashima coated suspension yoshimura rs 9 titanium slip-ons and coated triple clamps with suspension settings to match going for pure

Performance this is what honda looks at as a pure performance model and they’re going after the serious racer the w ii is topped off with throttle jockey design graphics and a gripper seat that’s enough talking we’re gonna go ride this bad boy stay tuned for later on in this video for our first impression so we just got done with first day of

Testing on the 2019 honda crf 450 our works edition hand ported head definitely gives it a lot more power over the standard edition we learned a lot about the suspension on the works edition today it’s actually not that much different from the standard edition clicker wise they’re identical internals they’re identical except for the actual coatings

The the dlc coatings it moves around a little bit more maybe a little bit faster than what the standard edition does you just run some stiffer settings actually get it to hold up in the stroke a little bit more but we were definitely impressed with the power difference interesting to see what the yoshimura header pipe does yosh is offering a titanium

Head pipe for the works edition that will only fit on that motorcycle so suspension setting wise we went a little bit more compression in the front to get it to hold up in the stroke a little bit more and then sped up the rebound so it didn’t pack down low under hard braking or coming down on on hills we liked the sag at about a hundred and seven

Hundred eight millimeters the sag in the rear for a more in-depth test check out the october issue of dirt bike magazine and as always go to dirt bike magazine calm for the latest off-road industry news have you seen the other 2019 motocross models we’ve tested check these out you

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