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2021 Honda CBR600RR Rumours: Everything You Need To Know

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So we’ve already had a new fire blade from honda this year but could a smaller sibling be on the way the cbr600rr hasn’t been available in europe since 2017 but it looks like it might be making a comeback for 2021 so in today’s video we’ll look at all of the rumors about this bike to try and figure out what updates might be made but before we get started if you

New here and you want to see more of the latest motorcycle news and rumors right here on youtube then please do remember to hit subscribe for a bit of context here’s a quick run-through of the current generation of cbr600rr which is still on sale in other markets than europe but hasn’t had a major update since 2013 it is of course powered by a 600 cc inline-four

Which produces a peak of a hundred and eighteen horsepower at a revi thirteen and a half thousand rpm and sixty-six newton meters or 48.6 foot-pounds of peak torque a touch over 11,000 rpm a relatively slender kerb weight of 186 kilograms is still pretty competitive and mechanical components are wellspect and suitably sporty with a fully adjustable 41 millimeter

Upside down show a big piston fork and fully adjustable shock brakes are from tokiko with radially mounted monobloc calipers on 310 meltus at the front this iteration of the cbr600rr was launched seven years ago now at a time when motorcycle tech was a lot simpler there’s not much in the way of electronics but it does get an optional break by wire combined abs

System which can vary the amount of braking power sent to the front or rear it also has an electronic steering damper which adjusts the level of damping based on the speed of the bike this helps to balance low speed maneuverability with high speed cornering stability eventually it was discontinued as it wouldn’t pass euro for emissions regulations that came into

Force on the 1st of january 2017 honda said that the cost of substantially redesigning the cb 600 rr to pass euro 4 was just too high at the time the 600 super sport market hasn’t been as strong in recent years either with the likes of naked bikes retros and adventure bikes faring better but all the same the cbr600rr was revered as one of the best handling bikes

In the segment along with having honda’s typical build quality if the 600 was to make a comeback perhaps this year’s fireblade can offer some insight as to the sports bike advancements that honda now have in their arsenal in 2020 for a start the new fire blade is much more track focused than previous generations it inherits the bore and stroke of honda’s rc 2 1 3

V race bike as well as a semi cam gear train finger follower rocker arms titanium con rods and internal friction reduction technologies with all of the updates made to the engine it’s now capable of a massive 214 horsepower at 14 and a half thousand rpm which is up there with the likes of ducati panigale v force the fire blade also received enhanced electronics

To keep all of this power in check with an upgraded inertial measurement unit to get more accurate pitch and roll data to be sent back to the ecu for input into the rider aides speaking of which there are three default rider modes but also five custom power settings three levels of engine braking three levels of wheelie control plus the option to fully disable it

Nine levels of traction control cornering abs rear wheel lift control and launch control all as standard there’s also a five inch tft – and a new keyless ignition system with electronic steering lock the premium sp model also gets semi active electronic suspension from √∂hlins with a 43 millimeter nps fork and a tt x 36 shot the looks of the fire blade have also

Been modernized with minimal led headlights giving the front end a bit of a moto gp appearance the addition of three winglets on either side of the fairing will also draw the eye and honda claim that they’ll generate the same downforce as their 2018 motogp bike helping to limit wheelies on acceleration as well as improving stability under braking and during corner

Entry lastly the exhaust system also got an update with an electronic the actuated exhaust control valve this essentially closes the exhaust to a smaller pipe at low revs in order to keep noise down and boost talk but once the revs climb the valve opens up and helps the engine to breathe free air generating more top end power if a new cbr600rr does indeed launch

Later this year or early in 2021 you can bet that a lot of these features will trickle down the bikes that it will be competing with include yamaha r6 the kawasaki zx6r and even perhaps mv agusta f3 675 the latter to both make around 130 horsepower so the cbr 600 might need a bit of a bump in power to tempt buyers away from those other models it’s worth noting that

Honda do have a mid capacity inline four sports bike in their range already in the form of the cbr 650f it’s fair to say that that bike is much more road focused and set up for a comfy and more relaxing ride but at 94 horsepower you’d expect a bit of distance between the two bikes in spec in order to make their respective purpose is clear to the consumer if they’ve

Managed to get 214 horsepower out of the new fireblade 130 doesn’t seem like a massive stretch of the imagination for the cbr600rr but more power can’t come at the expense of noise and emissions with stricter euro 5 regulations looming at the start of 2021 although the exhaust control valve of the fireblade has been billed as boosting low rev torque and high rev

Power the noise reduction must be beneficial during testing and therefore it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it on this new bike it has after all already been put to use on the new africa twin a color tft dash would almost certainly be a given and keeping in mind that this 600 would be more performance focused than the relatively simple cbr 650f you’d expect imu

Enabled rider aids like cornering abs wheelie control rear wheel lift control and launch control to be present aesthetically the last generation cbr 600 looked pretty good to me but there’s certainly been a move towards shorter stubby attell sections over the past few years that would presumably mean losing the undersea exhaust perhaps moving it down to the side

To fit in with the fire blade we could also see the addition of winglets as is the way with many new sports bikes at the moment this mock-up by japanese motorcycle magazine young machine has some winglets present and they have a habit of getting these things pretty close to the final production version but would winglets really offer that much benefit to a hundred

And 30 horsepower bike versus something like the fire blade maybe not under acceleration but perhaps honda feel that the high speed stability that winglets offer is enough to justify it either way here’s hoping that honda do have a new cbr600rr in the works a baby version of the 2020 fire blade would offer some of the new tech at a more affordable price and with

A top line power figure that isn’t quite so crazy for the road but as always i’d love to hear what you guys make of it do we need more bikes in the supersport category or have they already had their day let me know what you think in the comments below and if you new here and you want to see more videos like this hit subscribe and i’ll catch you next time

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2021 Honda CBR600RR Rumours: Everything You Need To Know By MOTOBOB