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2021 Honda CRF 450rl Vs. Klr 650 Kawi. Which would you pick?

Short ride on the honda crf450rl and the Kawasaki klr 650. Lovell canyon ride. Accidental test ride on the 2022 KLR. Got some video of the canyon via drone. hope you enjoy the shortish video of an extra easy but scenic ride. Had my Garmin to guide us if we got lost or spot x just in case of an injury. I have no codes or links yet but they will be on the way.

We’re about to go for a little ride check some out throw the drone up get a little view of the valley you have something to look at heidi ho i’ll follow you go ahead man there we go shut the shield a little bit most of the way oh i get close enough to get some good footage of the homie without encroaching too much because he is a fairly new rider on the dirt

Got to give him room to for air so to speak needs to change over or wreck worst case scenario i don’t have to run over them or into them but still want to be able to get some good footage it’s the green bus cherry busted crack and it was on video damn it real to the pavement for a minute we’re gonna go back that was nothing and i was taking this little

Uh side trail up to where it ends basically just for a little day ride test the skills a little bit the camera died probably like i don’t know the last five minutes of this trail which was probably like the dopest part of this trail um it ends right there we’re on our way back so i’ll follow you oh we’re out up on this dude to be seen hiking beautiful

Beautiful now here we are at the overlook looking over i’ll throw up this drone baby be like all right well i hope you all enjoyed that short drone act it is windy as hell out when it’s windy it takes up a hell of a lot of energy to keep that thing stable i didn’t feel like burning up another battery right now if you need to switch over to this side go ahead

Come just go go so oh there you go i hate being short oh my hammer guard broke off oh now you got to get the good stuff legitimate reason you need help nope i guess not well you might be short but at least you’re strong oh me oh i feel like i’m gonna fall again yeah nah kick up your kickstand dude so he’s getting broke in today all for the love of riding

Bikes off-road on-road dual sport all right i always like coming out with new riders and exploring new trails and stuff taking it easy on some rides oh oh is he gonna make it am i gonna make it that was nice nice oh nice hill climb got your nerves going huh let me know if you need help okay it’s no problem so what do you want me to do you just want me to

Help you get it down to the middle or do you want me just to put it up on the other side no it’s all good all right getting a good evening ride in here nothing when you’re helping out new riders cause i remember man when i had no confidence on my bike but i thought every rock i hit i was gonna crash you just gotta learn to just flow with it and not be nervous

About it you’re gonna drop it so so hey this is us wrapping up this ride out of level canyon being old oscar getting it in thanks for coming out joining me on this one y’all take it easy i’ll see you peace

Transcribed from video
2021 Honda CRF 450rl Vs. Klr 650 Kawi. Which would you pick? By Barber Ridez