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2022 GROM Plug n Play LED Blinker Install #grom #2022hondagrom #grom

#grom #offroadgrom

What’s up my my fellow grommers um good video today uh before you get into it if you want to watch it uh we’re installing amazon special leds uh we’ve got some amazon special led resistors so we’re gonna add some wattage and we got some support brackets so you guys want to save some money and make your grom look cool and go ahead and do some upgrades let’s see

I think all in on this led install we’ve got 18 plus 9 plus 15 it’s not including tidy plates so you’re looking man what like less than 50 bucks stick around the speed run guys let’s get into it hey guys welcome back to the channel we’re going to do a we’re going to do a speed run today and we’re going to get this i’m going to can you guys see me there’s a

Camera all right what we’ve got we’ve got amazon special blinkers you guys are going to like this i mean these are like 18 bucks man check these bad boys out man look at that that’s a beaut all right so we’re gonna throw these on the back i don’t have uh i don’t have a fancy flasher relay blind dial blah blah blah but i do have i’ll throw a link in description

Of both these guys this here is a 10 watt led load resistor boom our leds aren’t gonna pull a lot of wattage so we got to add some watts so they’ll work guys so um i i’ll check but i think these were like nine bucks for two of them and this is all we need we don’t need no relay but let’s see how easy this is i went ahead and loosened these bolts for these nuts

Let’s see here we’re gonna have enough room okay let’s see let’s see let’s see flinker blinker there you are one blinker off oh we’re gonna do something different but we’re going to get this on we when you wash it let’s see if what i got over here i’m gonna throw a washer on this guy’s washer like it man all right uh we’re actually um you know what i want

To reroute this i’m going to take that off i think ah finger let’s see cuz i hold this up in there boom plug and play where’s your other one plug and play man i like it one and done all right got me a washer got me washer because these are a little bit big for this hole and i just don’t like it but it probably worked without a washer oh beautiful okay

Where’s our other load resistor all right what’s our time speed run come on get off there watch this boom plug and play plug and play plug and play mmm beautiful so and they work i like them yeah oh we don’t have four ways we don’t have flashers all right that’s it guys man that was fast everything i got like i said plug and play i’ll put a link down in

The description now the one thing i will do i will get these guys right here i’m gonna take my plate off and get these routed i’m gonna get these tied up up here because i just don’t want all hanging up here i mean we could wrap this and zip tie it blah blah blah um if you don’t have a tidy plate and you are doing let’s say if you got your stock stock location

Like like we do in the front right here this is what you need these are this is a pair so this so if you’re doing your whole bike and you don’t have a tidy plate you’ll need two of these these are like 15 bucks guys it’s uh is this is curriculum whatever well i can’t pronounce that but this is made in usa 22 and up rom guys i’ll put a link in the description

They’re 15 bucks a pair comes with all your mounting plates so if you don’t have a tiny plate easiest potty installed man these look great i look like they kind of sat down just a little bit but who cares who cares man they are bang bang bang they’re pretty flexible um i don’t think these are gonna break too easily all right now look at our docs they’re a

Little stiffer i bet you these 40 drcs will break before these amazon special ones wheels guy but i’m gonna run with these guys man keep saving money subscribe watch my ride on all right guys final product man she looks sweet all right i was able to get man i was actually able to tidy this up really dang good i might throw a little zip tie right there but

Up in here i was able to have plenty of room plenty of room to get these wires pulled through here’s my 10 watt resistors here to throw more power to them leds so there’s plenty of plenty of room right here completely out of the way doesn’t interfere or anything and man guys this was such a such an easy install i did throw a washer on here because just add a

Little bit more support because stud hole was a little bit stud a little bit smaller than a stud hole so throw wash on there uh if you’ve got if you get blinkers and they’re too big just drill the hole out so you know pretty simple stuff guys next video we’re going to hit the front ones because they’re going to be a little different because we’re going to use

Our plates like we talked about and we’re going to get these mounted in the stock location so stick around for that

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2022 GROM Plug n Play LED Blinker Install #grom #2022hondagrom #grom By Backwoods Off-road \u0026 Overlanding