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2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring The Car You Never Knew You Always Wanted

2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring The Car You Never Knew You Always Wanted

Foreign so this is the 2022 honda civic touring in boost blue and in hatchback today we’re going to be going over a few things about this vehicle all the tech that’s in it everything that it comes with and the cool things inside so we’re actually going to be starting with the back of the vehicle because this is a sport touring hatchback how you can easily tell

Is of course the badge but if someone does ever take off the badge you know that there’s two exhaust ports making it the sport touring as well as the sensors there so you’re not support touring now one of the differences but besides the sport touring and the sport is going to be the engine crazy enough this actually comes with a 1.5 turbo engine so pushing out

About 180 horsepower so you go from about i believe it’s 145 correct me if i’m wrong i’ll put it on the screen here what the regular sport has but i know this does come with about 180 horsepower stock just like this another identifier of being a civic sport touring is going to be the fog lights in front and then again the sensors that wrap around the front of

The vehicle and then of course the moon roof now all the sports are gonna come with these very nice uh peeling black rims so we notice on all four wheels are these really nice now another identifier to being a civic touring is that it actually has all leather seats now just a quick tour of the actual civic it’s it’s very simple it’s a simple layout you get a full

Digital display up there controlled with your volume rocker here as a bigger i believe nine inch display here included with three three months of series being a new honda navigation and then a few more of course how you control the vehicle and all the controls and whatnot now i’m gonna talk about this button right here just because it’s actually very very helpful

And useful using my vehicle all the time once you click this you’ll notice your vehicle comes up there it’s pretty cool when you turn on your um blinker left or right it actually shows up on the vehicle on the little car there which is pretty cool so with that it actually has the camera set on so that way if you were to veer out of the lane it would actually drive

You back into it hopefully i can find a clip so i can put it in here somewhere and it works extremely well i would say it’s near tesla like where you can actually let go sometimes so don’t endorse to do it but it’ll actually drive up pretty pretty well now moving to the center of course when we get my way from the bottom with my way up so of course you have your

Standard glove box here then a cool little hack is that the actual original honda logo or honda civic is actually on the bottom of this little tray here so this original schematic for the original um civic here so it’s pretty good amount of trunk um space here has your electronic parking brake funny note um if this video seems like it was edited weird it’s because

It is currently about 11 o’clock at night i’m still my dealership working and i’ve been busy since the morning when i shot that video which is about 10 a.m

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2022 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring The Car You Never Knew You Always Wanted By Tesla Unit