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2022 HONDA CR500 TRIKE First Ride IT RIPS!!

This thing is a monster! I need to re-gear , do some small tweaks and the next video will be ripping offroad👌

Welcome back there you go we basically built this whole bike around this can get sponsored by me if mick ultra wants to sponsor i’m not there welcome back we just we just want to wish you a happy birthday well thank you guys i appreciate it no problem man all right all right i am tired of riding around parking lots with no helmet on it’s not the cool kids kind

Of way um i’d much rather be riding a motocross track for the first ride but i am gonna ride around the parking lot show you guys at least what it can do and then we’re gonna do a bolt check we’re gonna take this thing to i guess a little ride area maybe find a track i just want to go to scott’s track but that’s in new york so see if uh safe for the motor land

Yeah if they let me on the big track i’m not riding a vet track with like 20 foot two national tracks got the slipper on so first okay uh um uh so right off the bat um i can tell the gearing is a little bit too tall for these 20-inch tires this is decent for like 18-inch tires so i’m actually going to change the gearing before i take it out in

The dirt there’s reasons like that i test around them around the parking lot it’s just simple stuff that i can more or less catch instead of wasting my time going all the way out there this thing rips man can’t do a lot out here i’m going to keep it off the road today just going to rip up and down the parking lot a little bit and then bring it back inside and

We’re going to do a full bolt check we’re going to check literally the whole bike top to bottom these things vibrate so you’re going to have bolts loosen up everything we put together was lock tight between loctite and nylon nuts let’s hope it all stays together yeah this thing is uh it’s a blast looks so good in the sun yeah it’s pulling a little bit to one

Side again i gotta tweak the tire pressure um we didn’t even check it yet you know we just kind of got it together we were excited thing was completely apart yesterday and towards the end of the day we got it all together so rj was the first one to start it after it was all together and if you guys didn’t notice we basically built this whole bike around this

Can you get sponsored by mick ultra wants to sponsor us i think i think this is worth a photo shoot guys i mean comments i know we like it yeah it’s basically we designed this whole bike around this can so you’re going to have that yeah it’s nice and cold too yeah you wanna try riding real quick just right here i’m not gonna go hard on him no no i’m not either

Like i said it’s pulling a little bit uh we never even set the tire pressure yet um we did that in the last i think three builds we uh we’re just too excited alex got all these tires mounted up and we threw them right on the bike and basically we’re ready to go for a test ride but it’s all stuff we check before the bikes leave and this one it’s not leaving

It’s not leaving so if you want one you got to have us build one trying to hang on to some of these oh you had it we’re not we’re not using the depression release this is just regular kicking with our billet kicker it’s a shorty tube wow i want him to at least try it out he’s been a big part in all this stuff he’s powder coating all of our parts he’s

Welding the pile of parts along with drew they’re both doing a lot of welding and all these builds so it’s only right he takes for a ride so first person other than me basically it tall gearing everyone keeps asking like why would you change a 450 to a 500 these motors rip guys do some research there’s dyno runs check out uh i think it’s captain america he

Has all these dyno runs of like all these bikes unreal pretty sick right yeah it’s a sick build though i’m so happy with it man i i almost too clean to ride like yeah we’re even riding it but we’re gonna we’re gonna take this thing out in the dirt we’re going to murder it we’re going to torture test it maybe take it to the dunes take it to the dunes put some

Paddles on it watch the customers ride it maybe we’ll see yeah we’re thinking about doing it if you own a 500 i’ll let you ride it you don’t want a 500 no like starting these things is all technique um you got your timing right you got your motor right everything’s sound other than that it’s technique you gotta get at the top there’s a little a little bit past

Top and give that thing a full kick with your heel this is a shorty kicker so if you come around here i definitely recommend this game it’s like yeah so there’s something something about having if you guys ever watch happy gilmore shout out to matt seeger he uh he said it looked like the stick from happy gilmore it kind of does got our logo on there and then

When you do kick these your foot peg is going to stop it so you are going to get little scuffs on it because you’re basically using your your foot peg as a stopper but this is a shorty ass kicker i mean the stock one’s like way up here you guys see how easy this thing starts um it’s all stock basically stock compression you know and we do have decomp head but

You don’t need it um you really don’t need it and honestly i think for cold starting i like to not use a decomp pad i think it starts better um so guys we’re asking about this headlight so this is a good 86 250r headlight shell from air i made a couple of side brackets i basically drilled out the rivets that they had on there and i reused the holes put some

Side brackets in there to hold this screen forward if you guys are interested in these you got a comment let me know i could probably sell the whole deal as a kit with the brand new straps um yeah i think it looks sick so i can put that right on the website if you guys are interested in that and this will fit any bike that we build uh it’ll fit the 250rs it’ll

Fit the 350x if you don’t want to run a headlight but i just like the look of that it also acts like an air scoop so it’s kind of neat um yeah other than that i mean this thing has our full 500 bolts in kit for a 20 22 frame so you guys can go on you can see running from the head state of the the billet engine cradle so there’s no welding required

This is full bolt into a 22 frame love that jsv pipe man shout out to them that thing is beautiful i need to get on the phone and give him a call like he wants to uh do a little phone call meeting and feel bad i haven’t had time but maybe after this i’ll hit him up but yeah we want to talk about future products um we’re going to be offering their exhaust on

Our website and these guys i believe are from like belgium so it’s a little bit delayed so if you did order a bulletin kit we’re going to have i think 10 more of these ready to go the pipe for this is going to take a little bit longer um you are going to do mid-pipe mods on this there’s no way around it just to uh get this on a trike or get it on the uh the 22

Chassis i’ll uh pull the seat off right here i haven’t showed under the seat yet so we do not have an air box on this yet when drew gets back from uh he was out this week well half the week so when he gets back i’m gonna have him all up aluminum air box for this bad boy so that is an option but uh right now we just got the the intake hanger on there with the

Normal air filter that we run on all the trikes so you guys see the seat post relocator made some brackets here these are the oem bolts so they do stick out a little bit longer i’m actually gonna replace those with shorter ones but uh yeah other than that i still gotta tie in the plastic right here we didn’t bolt that down yet you know we’re like i said we were

Just we’re just ready to ride this and we’re excited um we just want to ride it i want to get it done show you guys everybody’s been asking about it and it’s one of them builds i mean it took a long time for me to get to it i thought it was time to do one for myself and one for the shop that we’re gonna hang on to and have it as a chill piece so if code ever

Off and leaves us alone uh we might have a showroom little display setup we’ll have this and uh the other 500 dirt bike maybe the ktm 300 and a couple other big wheels we’re going to be doing a yz250 big wheel soon so once all that stuff goes away guys uh we’ll have the showroom open but till then it’s not going to happen unfortunately um don’t want to catch

The old delta yeah is it the delta force variant yeah i don’t now there’s like a booster shot variants and all this cool so well we’re gonna go back inside and uh we gotta do some work on his polaris razor and then we’re out of here we’re gonna take the rest of the day and chill for a little bit and probably be back here on sunday doing some other stuff i’m

Maybe gonna ride it tomorrow in the dirt so i gotta find a spot i gotta get all my gear together i’m an old man i don’t ride anymore um gotta start riding more than once a month so anyway guys i’ll see you in the next video that was sketchy i don’t i know it’s alex’s birthday but we’re gonna have to have a little taco i think that tire’s got like eight psi

And that one looks like 40. i’m like this thing is uh you can see the difference you can see it in the video come on alex welcome back alex

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