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2022 Honda Grom motovlog 053-Mortal Kombat

Hey everybody! i race Trevor to the gas station to pick up a new wireless mic i’m going to try…The Navi gets owned by 150cc’s of pure china power.We will see you in the next one…Easy.

Hey everybody iceman50 here we’re gonna go up to the gas station and i gotta pick up a uh a new wireless lavalier mic that i picked up so i’m gonna take the the scoot scoot just so we ride it around i think we might put this one back in storage so just use up some of the gas and you know with gas being as ridiculous as it is where’s this i wish this thing

Had a choke but it’s got an auto choke right it’s got the auto enricher which is an auto choke it works i just gotta watch out all right here we go i smell that guy’s cologne what’s up with that i took this thing over uh to the gas station this morning it’s pretty good i i like this little thing you know what you know for what it is it’s great for someone

That would be responsible you know my wife never watches these videos so i’ll just say that you know she probably shouldn’t ride it but uh that’s pretty good i like it just as a little zoom zoom just keep going you know now that we fixed the front brakes you know i still still rely on mostly the back brakes but it’s pretty good oh you’re right behind me

I forgot dang nothing’s cooking i know he wants to race well yo what the fuck that guy was like turning into his house we’ll get up here and uh we’ll test your might we’ll rip it chinese scooter versus knobby who will win oh that dog did was not happy catch me if you can ah come on man i thought he was gonna race i’ll tell him on the way back watch this

Fucking guy i like this little thing put down the now look i put down the kickstand ah so you tilt all right guys we’ll be right back i was like all right did you hear me say let’s go yeah and i was like all right i’m like man i was ripping on it i thought i’m like come on are you going to keep up or what oh hey i’m almost 100 miles per hour right now nice

So i said oh we’ll have to you have to try to you know we’ll take off try to keep up with me we’ll see what happens like a dig yeah over here right when we get all right yes we’ll try this uh the next time i use my uh iphone to record something which shouldn’t be too long here maybe this weekend uh we’ll test out this mic full disclosure the company hit me

Up and said you know if i left him a review they would uh take care of the cost it was only 20 bucks 26 bucks i’ll tell you guys how it is i mean if you guys like you know doing stuff like this it might be pretty handy we’ll see it’s no software no nothing it’s just got a little dongle that plugs in so we’ll see this is the kind of stuff i like to review you

Know something that actually kind of pertains to what i do so we’ll see we’ll see how good it is and i’ll let you know because i don’t you know i don’t care if they pay me for it or not uh if if it’s a crap product i’ll let you know it’s a crab product you know they reached out to me uh ground keys here we go so yeah they uh you know and and you know i let

Them know as a youtuber and everything and you know they’re like okay cool well you don’t need to do a video review if you don’t want just a regular review so you all set yeah dang so what is that 320 ouncers shit you could fit like 10 of them in there i’m telling you a 12 pack could definitely fit in there ready scooter gang man the thing is easy to turn

Right because this thing definitely it like it’s not fighting you yeah you ready all right scooter gang here we go gonna lean on this thing you know he’s been like what in the hell i tear this thing up back there get a little crazy with it oh yeah yeah he’s back there that’s what i love hanging out with the kids having a good time breaking the law all

Right get back there i think he said we’ll go up on north which is just by the house the mofolene oh i’m definitely going 35 40. yeah i love this thing oh another front brake yes sir he’s still way back there he’s getting owned by the chinese scooter all right we’ll pull we’ll pull over here suck it you ready all right go hold on all right you ready

Yeah all right let’s go yeah see you’re ripping mate he’s right behind me i’m again i’m gaining ah he’s like i lost oh man it was amazing this thing could get a little rowdy oh man this thing’s a hell of a lot of fun for a scooter you can still get a little rowdy with this thing come on where’s the kickstand i had you you never had your car brian that

Was amazing i was like let’s see what these two got i was saying uh intake a better carburetor some roller weight upgrades and exhaust i can get you that’s it it’s 150 cc’s of pure raw chinese power baby i don’t think you can hang the japanese i don’t know i mean that’s chinese this is indian india maybe even even even i don’t know i was looking back and

You were like disappearing in my mirror he got served yeah i got it in that one i guess we’ll talk to you later easy

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2022 Honda Grom motovlog 053-Mortal Kombat By icemanfiveoh