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2022 Honda Grom Stock Exhaust vs Vance and Hines Hooligan Exhaust.

In this video I install and compare the Vance and Hines Hooligan exhaust to the OEM 2022 Honda Grom Exhaust.

What is up you guys back at it with another video here in my kitchen um i’m in the kitchen again because it’s about 25 degrees outside and the workshop i work in out in the backyard there’s not heat to it full time so i had to go out there and turn the heat on and it’s still freezing cold in there so the first part of this video we’re going to do in my nice cozy

Warm kitchen and the reason i want to be warm is because i am going to be putting out this bad boy right here this is the vantan hines full performance exhaust system for my 2022 honda grom and i have been waiting for this thing for a very very long time um i ordered this last summer i believe um i believe i ordered it in june and they said the estimated pre-order

Delivery would be the first week of october i wait till october starts and ends i wait for november to start and then i’m in december still nothing i understand that the supply chain is messed up so i’m in no rush especially because i ordered this from man in the box and they don’t actually take your money until they have a product to send you so really it was

Just putting my name on a list but last week i finally got the email that these were in stock and i jumped on i actually didn’t even see the email at first i saw uh their post on instagram and i was like super stoked if any of you guys follow them you probably saw my outlandish comment um i was like like losing my mind about this so i run to my email there’s

An email in there that says i can complete the purchase so i do and very next day this thing is in the mail to me um yeah really great experience but let’s go ahead and put you on the stool here my de facto tripod and let’s get this bad boy open see what we got here just got this new floor and it’s nice we like it hopefully you like it okay instructions for

Closed course competition use only not intended for street use and we both know i’m gonna be using this on the street i’m sorry man in the box i am sorry vance hines this bad boy all the way on the street okay boxing in the box all right let’s see here one more box bubble wrap what seems to be the header type yes yes header pipe yeah that is nice so small

Compared to some of the other exhaust i’ve opened on this channel but yeah i’m stoked on this looks good you get a good look at that all right this is going to be the mid-pipe for sure let’s see yeah yep pretty standard mid pipe nothing to it though inside is got some pretty good welds in there i guess it’s the interior of these huh okay that’s cool and

There is another part up just hardware um a bunch of exhaust hangers what looks like a bracket some springs to keep everything tensioned together and some little bungs and screws excuse me screws and another box in a box this is obviously going to be the can and yep sure is let’s see yeah that looks good definitely worth the wait um feels kind of like i have

Some good heft to it which we’ll see um this thing is wide open there is some baffling in there but this thing is basically straight and wide open it is going to be loud boys oh man but that’s it honestly i don’t know what i expected to hear but they’re pretty simple process it looks like this is all going to bolt together pretty easily you go in there for

Sure and then this situation is going to go on here to present something like this you know falling over okay bounce is good dude so yeah we’ll end up with that on the bike once all the springs and everything are in place but let’s fast forward to future me uh outside by the grom to show you what the stock exhaust sounds like on this bad boy let’s get this

Bike turned on and see if i can’t let you hear this exhaust whoo it is still dirty i sprayed it off after that last off-roading video just like a quick spray off but clearly it needs more than that clearly it needs a deep wash but we’ll do that when the new exhaust is on we’ll deep clean the whole thing cause i’m sure i’m gonna get all kinds of greasy grimy

Uh fingerprints all over it but let’s fire it up and let you hear a stock 2022 honda grom that’s it’s fresh startup idol it’ll settle a little bit more at some point i imagine when it warms up but it’s like not impressive at all yeah it’s just not loud enough for me most importantly it’s very very ugly um i gotta change it you guys know i put an exhaust on

Everything um i need to put an exhaust on this bobber real bad but you gotta wait buddy this one’s turn um but yeah i’m gonna wait for that building to heat up i’m gonna get back there we’re gonna get this exhaust installed and then let you hear what it sounds like afterwards um i still gotta figure out what i’m gonna do about this tag mount i don’t love it

There but that’s for another video that’s for another day today let’s get on some exhaust stuff okay here’s that bad boy installed first things first it looks so clean this is hands down the best looking exhaust i’ve ever installed on anything it’s just super clean no extra anything install was fairly easy i’ll say they did send me the wrong size hardware for

This bit right here this little mounting bracket the two screws they sent me were way too big to actually fit the holes you put this bracket on and then they slot through the bracket into the exhaust the screws they sent would fit through the bracket but they would not thread into the exhaust at all luckily pretty generic screw size i had two laying around so

I threw those in there it doesn’t matter what color they are or anything like that because you can’t even see them so i made that work i will say with the exhaust being so much shorter uh the license plate bracket bothers me less so maybe i’ll leave that on there um but let’s fire it up let’s let you guys hear this that’s why you’re all here right i’m sure the

Title said something about a before and after sound test so you can check it out there it is it sounds really really good and it is loud i will tell you if you want like a good sound but you’re not really like in love with really loud exhaust this is not the exhaust for you this thing is loud as you can tell it is not shy but i think that’s a good safety issue i

Think it’ll keep you safe out here if you are a little bit louder because you’re not very big you know people hit regular size motorcycles you get on a mini moto it’s kind of risky so making yourself loud will help you stay a little bit safer honestly and obviously wearing reflective gear if you’re not opposed to it at least not if you’re not wearing a reflective

Gear maybe like a white helmet just don’t wear black head to toe on a black bike and ride around in the dark on a mini motor oh you know but that’s the after i like it a lot um i think it was really good value for money it looks really good it sounds really good to me personally i like a loud exhaust um i think it just really brought the looks of this bike to

The next level um honestly zero complaints i got the screws that i needed um i reached out to the company for uh um so i bought them i bought that man in the box and it ships directly from vance heinz and they did not send me install instructions they only sent me oem exhaust removal instructions which was whack but honestly it’s pretty easy i figured out on

My own um i emailed man in the box and had them send me a digital copy of the instructions just to make sure i wasn’t like botching something like there wasn’t some like really important like tightening down sequence or anything like that but it was pretty straightforward it was exactly what i said what i had already done is what the instruction said to do like

While waiting on his email back i just went ahead and just did it and it worked out fine so super easy install you can do it yourself do not pay a person for this but that’s it y’all hopefully you enjoyed this little before and after hopefully if you’re interested in the vance heinz exhaust for the 2022 honda grom this helped you make your decision either for

Or against but if you didn’t enjoy this video please go ahead and hit thumbs up and if you haven’t yet please go ahead and hit subscribe to the channel i would super appreciate that and last but not least it’s beautiful out here go ride your motorcycle time is wasting away you gotta go seize the moment you know what i mean i’ll see you guys on the next one peace you

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2022 Honda Grom Stock Exhaust vs Vance and Hines Hooligan Exhaust. By Daily Cozwerks