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2022 Honda Grom!!! TST Industries lights!!!!


What’s up guys welcome back to the channel and we are back with this beautiful grom and today we’re gonna be doing a new update which is deleting these these have to go i do not like them they’re ugly and no bueno we’re going to be exchanging them with these nice tst this one right here they’re all tst by the way this is so tiny look at this we’re going to be

Installing these and they’re smoked you can also get them in clear so i would chose smoke because my whole bike is black so and yeah guys let’s see what um this turns out to once again we’re gonna um transfer to mr ham because he’s the one that installs all my stuff on my bike i’m my ground and on my bmx and i’m just learning so we shall see we’ll shall see

This is a little wire thing that um you need for your turning signals to work you have to get this individually you have to get this individually this individually and this individually and then the relay is for oh yeah the relay is ready to flash i think the turning signals and then this one right here is for your front leg to stay on all the time for day and

Night if you don’t put these you don’t have to put them but your light will only be on at night time which is you know everybody’s um preference these right here i’m not exactly what they were to make them you have to make them blink yeah these are to make a blink and then these will keep them on all the time so it’ll be damned and then whenever you turn on the

Blinker this it’ll go like brighter and see guys it took me a while to um figure out everything i needed well i got it now so here we go on the original bike you don’t have to um take this piece off because this is an add-on so this is what it looks like originally um there it is you guys all this yeah oh jay i need you to hold the heavy it’s heavy yeah

I don’t want to break it it doesn’t look like it would be heavy it is actually yeah heavy enough to tear water definitely so that’s what it looks like guys now we do the easy part goodbye ugly lights goodbye oh doesn’t matter how they go no cute they did a good job of how he made these dang that’s all you need the screw the screws already on the light

Yeah oh wow third h2 i think it’s the wiring so this is the final result guys looks way better all right you guys so we are all done with the front she is looking gorgeous now we’re gonna do the back shouldn’t be too much difficult it looks disconnecting the backlight and save the right to this ugly taillight okay we’re gonna disconnect this one and well

Maybe you can take the caps off yeah no they’re on there you don’t want to take here it is guys took apart now we’re gonna do is put the new light in here nice jane i can’t take it huh yeah man somebody didn’t want their stuff to break whoa i keep going and going at least they were smart enough to tape it up to where it wasn’t gonna mess up nothing was

Gonna get in there it up so more tape ugly light number one you don’t walk away with this because it’s disconnected okay for the little knight right here yeah so here you guys go we got the new tail lights installed and it’s looking beautiful turn it on so you can see the blinker oh you can’t really see it because it doesn’t show but here goes the brake

Light turning signal and that’s it baby look at the phone oh yeah take off the front nice turning signal there and she is ready to go yeah so there you guys have it if you guys like this video like comment subscribe and keep on watching because we’re going to have way more ground upgrades coming up so see you guys next time peace out

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2022 Honda Grom!!! TST Industries´┐╝ lights!!!! By snm fitfam