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2022+ Honda Grom TST WORX Airbox Cover – Product Feature by TST Industries

Take your 2022+ Honda Grom’s performance up a notch with our exclusive direct bolt-on Airbox Cover without losing fairing mounting points or needing an aftermarket filter. Simply remove your stock cover and bolt ours on to experience improved airflow and intake sound.

Hey youtube world what’s going on mark here from tst industries back in the garage with another video and today we’re hitting a bit of a dual video a little bit of a product feature a little bit of an entertaining informative video with our 2022 honda rom and if you don’t know what i’m talking about already it’s the highly anticipated and finally available air

Box cover from tst industries this is for the 2022 honda grom this is the first look at it if you’re interested in the installation process you can also check out our installation video which is also available on youtube but here it is this is an abs injection molded texture and color matched piece this material is the same stuff that is used on your body

Panels headlights and other surrounding pieces and we are finally excited to release this to the world if you own one of these groms you know that a lot of the offerings out there are aftermarket intakes they remove the complete air box assembly mount directly onto the throttle body and then you have a nice air intake with a filter at the end that sounds good

Looks good and gets the job done but we wanted something a little bit more refined because that’s kind of what we do here now a big thing to note is that when you install this versus any other aftermarket air intake you’ll see that these body panels aren’t flopping around i could shake this bike almost completely off the lift if i wanted to and that’s something

That a lot of the air intakes almost all of the air intake assemblies that are already offered for this bike don’t have when you remove the air box and the air box cover a lot of your oem fairing mounting points are thrown in the trash that can leave your fairings flopping around it really kind of irritates things some people have made carbon fiber rods or

Other rods or anything that is a fairing support but with our air box covered you do not need to worry about that if you look at it from the front you can actually see the stock green air filter element really nice cut in the air box cover for some design cues and air flow improvements and the sound that this thing puts out is incredible if you don’t have a

Aftermarket exhaust and you’re running the stock system you’ll notice once you turn the bike on and give it a few revs immediately there is an improvement in the sound and acoustics of the bike so but that’s not just all we wanted to hit short functions good and it sounds good and yeah it looks good but what we really wanted to hit on was improved performance

But during this entire process we’ve actually received quite a few questions from potential customers people who are interested even other companies we work with so i’m going to try and answer some of those questions as quickly and cleanly as possible and hopefully help you make a smarter decision when you’re shopping for parts for your grom so to begin this is

An air system upgrade and like with most you might ask do you need a tune yes and no for a lack of better words if you install this and you want to go ride you don’t need a tune it’ll mount and it’ll function and it’ll sound good but you won’t really be ringing it out for all of its performance potential so we absolutely do recommend the tune especially if you

Have done any other modifications to the engine or the exhaust system if you have a full exhaust we definitely recommend it because you may be getting into the potentially dangerous afr zone so that choice is up to you can you purchase this and install it yes absolutely go for it and if down the road you decide that you wanted to get a tune at that point do so

Do you need an aftermarket air filter no no we did some testing actually quite a bit of testing on our dyno and some independent testers that we’ve worked with in the past including cjr racing cameron jones racing have done some testing on this system with various air filter elements and as well as the stock air filter we also did a few with no air filter and

The truth is whether you go after market or remain with the stock the difference in potential is so marginal that it’s hard to differentiate absolutely the aftermarket air filters we do feel as if they perform better the renewability alone and the durability of those filters being able to oil them remove them clean them out versus the stock paper one is a huge

Improvement in and of itself it cuts down cost and it cuts down maintenance time you don’t need to always replace your air filter so we do recommend going with an aftermarket air filter but do you need one no we are actually running our stock one right now with no issues once we’re done getting that all dirty we will switch to an aftermarket one and call it a

Day now what is the difference or the potential versus our cover versus another air intake system well it depends on what measure you’re really trying to gauge this off of price alone this beats out most if not all the competition this is a one-time purchase piece like i said you can use the stock air filter or purchase another air filter but this is just

The piece as it is and you can install it and go ride so it’s low cost it’s durable it looks great it maintains the factory mounting points and it sounds amazing so those are a bunch of pros but if you’re looking for some performance increase well hours to a lot of the aftermarket intakes we tested against and mind you we don’t have access to every single

Intake setup that is on the market but ours versus the ones we were able to test against stacked up almost the same the only time we saw any real difference was in the low rev range where hours did slightly better and the high rev range where the aftermarket intakes the long runner tubes do better and that is because they have a long runner tube they have

Different features inside of the air intakes that flow air slightly better and that in and of itself did cause a little bit of an increase over hours and of course over the stock but all in all our air box cover does the job peak performance we saw on dozens and dozens of tests improved improved all across the rev range and again just looking at it it’s hard

To tell we’ve had a lot of international customers mention that with inspections and stuff they may actually be looking into this versus another air intake setup because this looks like a stock piece so really excited about that and we hope you are too but at the end of the day the choice is yours it is a free market we’re not pressuring anyone to purchase this

But i think anyone who does purchase and install this isn’t going to look back and the last question we’ve been getting a lot of is is this piece safe to use in the dirt or in the rain and to be honest just like with any other aftermarket air intake not really you can use it in dirt i do understand a lot of grom owners they ride their bikes to the limits in

Every riding condition whether it’s on the dirt or in the track in city commuting throw some knobbies on it running through puddles you guys ring these things out for what they’re worth and we love that but if you are going to be riding in some unforgiving conditions like a lot of dirt you have some knobbies on here it’s kicking up a lot of dirt we do recommend

Removing the air box cover after you know every ride if you’re riding heavily in dirt clean it out re-oil it inspect it make sure you’re good now as far as rain goes i do know with some of the other aftermarket air intake setups people do apply uh or install some socks of some sort or covers around the air filter to prevent it from sucking up water the same

Logic can be used here this is not a waterproof system if you are submerging your grom if you’ve done the gromski mod and carved out a jet ski and you want to take this in the water just don’t don’t do it with our air box cover don’t do it at all in general this is not a waterproof system if you have a way of blocking the water or protecting it from collecting

Inside of the air box and into the combustion chamber please do so but at the end of the day we do not recommend doing that this does not carry a warranty for your engine or anything like that so please keep that in mind it is now available on our website the link is in the description be sure to navigate to your bike if you’re just visiting

Our website organically and you’ll be able to find this product for your 2022 honda grom or any of the other products you see on our shop drum here if you have any questions comments concerns want to say hey leave us a comment in the comment field below you can also visit us on social media facebook instagram twitter all username tst industries and as always

Our customer support team is here to help should you not be able to contact us any other way you can always drop us an email support and we’ll be able to get back to you as soon as possible for now this has been mark from tst industries i’m gonna go rip this thing up a bit catch you guys next time you

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2022+ Honda Grom TST WORX Airbox Cover – Product Feature by TST Industries By TSTindustries