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2022 Honda monkey one man and his dog pay respects to the queen

We head to see a mural of the late queen to pay our respects, and donate to a worthy cause , so come with us on another adventure,

Hello all welcome back to the channel thank you very much for clicking on this video well we’re out for another bimbo and today we’re going to go and pay our respects to the queen so yeah it’s a lovely day and uh me and the little man i thought i thought we’d come out for a bit of a bimbo and uh we’re gonna go we’re gonna say we’re gonna go and see and give

Our respects to the queen some of you might have seen especially if you live in the midlands people just sitting on the news that uh in my hometown it’s a very talented man painted a mural of the queen on his wall yeah i go this way and uh he finished it yesterday and the news crews were there he did one during lockdown of three famous football players or two

Famous football players and a manager i’ll uh i’ll show you the i’ll show you those as well while we’re there it’s actually his wall so he’s not breaking any laws before any of you say it should be graffiti and everywhere for me i do like a bit of graffiti as long as it’s uh very tasteful and uh done very well now this man’s definitely got a a good talent and

He’s done it for a very charitable charity so uh we’re going to make a donation they were outside yesterday um selling tea and coffee and taking donations i’m not sure if they’re doing the same today but if they are we shall leave them a donation if not we’ll leave one online i will leave a link below for uh their charity where you can make a donation if you

So wish to but what a lovely day i gotta say it’s bloody beautiful any buds isn’t it beautiful kid oh no hey it’s not far i’m just having uh just nice to get out for an hour or so a bit of a bimbo round in the nice weather we dabs over at the minute he’s gone off on his uh his own this morning to go and visit the last of his friends that are in the uk he’s done

Some mars this week bless him there’s another video wherever uh we are riding together what you got to say was an amazing experience and one that i’m glad i’ve crossed off my bucket list so so yeah so it’s not far from me i’ll just uh fancied pop in there this morning getting a few photos show everybody else this man’s talent and then uh we’re in the little man

Will probably go for a bit of a ride down the lanes a bit of fun in the twisters hopefully we don’t find any bend wreckers this morning nice to be back on the little monkey that’s for sure yeah we’re outside today there’s a few scooters here as well look there we go absolutely amazing so i’ll turn around from a pavement that lovely scooters do love the smell of

A nice scooter hey bud that’s a nice smell of a nice scooter huh what do you reckon kid what do you reckon hello where are you going what have you seen things uh security that’s what it is i love it absolutely love it makes me feel 20 years younger so we’ve come down to look at the uh the mirror that was painted yesterday very talented artists and uh it’s all

It’s all for charities for ovarian cancer and i gotta say what a beautiful piece of work it is the link will be below in the video if you want to make a donation feel free to it’s for a really good cause foreign come down and have a look sean the book of remembrance good ladies a donation themselves we’re out here offering tea coffee cold drinks and come and

Have a look absolutely amazing look at that absolutely brilliant well that’s us had a cup of tea made my donation so on the book of remembrance it’s a little buddy look what you doing good you chilling we’re gonna head home now thank you keep up the good work bye bye buds foreign artist and for such a good cause and i think they’re just going to keep adding to

It i mean like i say they own the wall and uh they’re putting it to good use so yeah the link will be below and you can click on that go and make a donation thanks for a really good cause ovarian cancer and uh if you’re in the midlands and anywhere near nuneaton then head to the boot boot hill go and have a look for yourself i won’t mind uh going back and having

A look in the dark because i think off the street lights it will absolutely pop so i might pop that down there later and uh take a few more photos in the dark and uh i do like um good graffiti or art should we say it’s not really graffiti is it because the end of the day that is pure art and uh i think i’m gonna have a day where i’m gonna go on the hunt and

I’m gonna go and source as much street art as i can but uh for now that’s me and budsy we’re out of here we’re done thank you very much for clicking on this video thank you to all you subscribers old and new for sticking with us it really does mean the world if you haven’t done so already please hit that subscribe button hey buds hit that subscribe button hit the

Little bell and we’ll see you on the next one stay safe out there

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2022 Honda monkey one man and his dog pay respects to the queen By Biker Buddy