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2022 Honda Rebel 1100 DCT – Part 2:2

Finally I’ve created a long anticipated review on the Honda Rebel 1100 DCT. This was made possible by Crescent Honda in Southampton.

Thank you look at that i’ve been parked up for about 15 minutes and it’s now 26 degrees i absolutely love the summertime now another thing i’m not seeing about on this bike is the uh the windscreen well the air deflector it’s it looks nice from the front but when you’re riding it from the rear it looks a bit warped in a bit a bit melted really and it’s

Quite loose i mean you can have it back here you can have it forward it’s a bit uh cheap i’d say a little bit cheap but no doubt you can get a uh a better one or maybe it might be a case to do a few bolts off and make it a little bit uh a little bit more sturdier but the smoothness of this dct when you’re in slow speeds it really does become really really stable

And really manageable standard mode bring up to 50. kicks down and off we go now the thing i do again i really do like about this bike is that for a a beginner motorcyclist who who likes this cruiser star motorcycle it is on point and let’s face it the manual version is going to be better in respects of you’ve got the manual version if you like manual bikes it’s

Going to be better all around um but you can’t fault the dct model yes it is slightly more expensive so if that isn’t a problem for you go for the uh the dct one if you if you’re once they’re nervous about using gears or you just can’t grasp the concept of using gears on the motorcycle then the dct version will do you proud also if you’re a short rider you’ve

Got no problem at all on this bike it’s uh 700 millimeter seat so you are always always flat-footed i’ve never had any issue with uh putting my feet down on this motorcycle it tips in nicely suspension is good and bouncy it is a comfy ride now the power that this bike puts out 86 brake horsepower and i want to say about 76 foot pound of torque for a beginner

Motorcyclist it is more than enough power it’s more enough power for most most riders out there because you can have some serious fun on this bike and it isn’t going to get you into trouble but then if you really crank it on yes it will get you into trouble it’s just that happy medium of of the power of the motorcycle the display on the bike is very very crisp

I’ve got no issues with uh looking down in direct sunlight and seeing what the bike is telling me tips in lovely whereas i did find on the rebel 500 the display was just a little bit on the weak side it wasn’t giving me a lot of information as soon as i looked down i was struggling to see what i wanted so they have honda have definitely upped their their game with

The 1100 cc one it is very agile flick about but like i was saying if you go into a corner or around a roundabout and you do crank it over you are definitely going to grind out now with the near side foot rest area as you can see down here there’s this lump so if you can see that when i put my foot back down i end up hitting that lump it’s not a problem but it

Just means that your foot is resting on the engine block which we all know engine blocks get hot and you’re gonna melt your boot so that’s just something which i guess at the end date it’s a it’s a protector for the engine but once you ride the bike and you get used to it you put your feet down naturally it’s just one of those things if it’s your bike you are used

Of your bike i do wish though the honda would actually give the rebel 1100 and the 500 the option of having forward riding positions i’m gonna keep this at 50 because the wind noise in my helmet at 60. it does get quite uh quite difficult um i don’t know if the microphone would be picking up my voice that well let’s try it just this last little bit because it

Isn’t much longer before i get back into a 40 so uh yeah it would be nice if your feet were outstretched a little bit i think we just give the uh the rebel that little bit more of uh cruiser style feel so let’s go down into 39 miles an hour bringing it into the 40 and the bike slows down very well you’ve got a user mode on this one so you can preset to your own

Power settings which is what i like about the honda range as well you’ve always got options for your own power it would have been nice to see honda squeeze a little bit more grunt out of their 1100 cc motorcycle after all it is an 1100 cc and it’s not pumping out a lot of power but that goes for the africa twin and also the nt 1100 it’s almost again like honda

Are just playing it safe i guess you’ve got yeah well let’s face it you’ve got the big safety aspect there you’ve got a comfortable bike with enough power to put down on the road without causing issues to the rider 1100 cc with 160 odd horsepower is a lot of power for a motorcycle it’s a lot of power for the road but when you put it into a a comfortable managed

Tuned power the 1100s do actually produce a reasonable respectable comfortable ride i’m blabbling crap i know that i’m trying to justify 1100 cc with not a lot of power maybe that’s what honda want they want their riders to stay alive because all the bikes with 1100 cc have got plenty of grunt for the road but then when you put them up to the likes of their

Competitors 1100 cc doesn’t actually produce hardly any power i mean look at previously you’ve got the honda vfr 800 pumping out 126 brake horsepower around about that which is a very very good amount of power for uh for 800 cc motorcycle but it’s not a sports bike so i wonder why honda went for big engines with really small amount of powers but their torque is

Respectable they’re all up in the high 70s 100 horse 100 talks so they do they do pack a punch the seat position on this bike is nice even though your legs are bent they’re bent at like a right angle and it does actually make for quite a comfortable ride i’m not struggling with this bike i’m going to drop it down into second gear but there you go the bike because

It’s in automatic get back up for you but it pulls really well there is a national a little bit further up which i’m going to pull in just prior to it try and get no one behind me and have a little it’ll go up to 60 in sport mode and just show you that even though it’s only got 86 odd horsepower it does work seats comfy riding positions comfy your back’s nice

And straight there we go we’re up to we’re up to the 60s and the bike does it handles very nicely at speed you do get a lot of wind in your chest because it obviously is like almost like a naked bike it’s a cruiser bike but it’s uh not any protection at all at the front of the bike so you do feel the wind in your chest a hell of a lot front brake single disc it’s

Got enough stopping power in that brake for the power this bike produces but for 1100 cc i would like wow the cleat doesn’t need two discs one disc is more than enough it’s like maneuvers around into the corner into the roundabout foot down again third geary took that on yeah it does that’s the one thing about the automatic mode you do find that you go around

Corners uh it keeps it up in the high the high gears now with their finest as well with the um the africa twin when i took it to to wales i was going through a few hairpins and the bike did uh putting around hairpins in fourth and fifth gear so i was constantly having to manually shift down but again that’s just down just down riding you if you’re in that type of

Environment you’re going to be fully relying on your your override buttons to get the gears down you might even just flick it straight into uh to manual mode and just ride the bike rather than letting the bike ride for you so it is very versatile you can kick back relax let the bike do the work or if you want to ride it you can flick it over to your manual and you

Can play around and you can ride the bike i am in a g yeah i’m gonna leave it in sport i’m going to drop it down into second gear 28 miles an hour coming into national off we go and there we go pulls away very very nice straight up to 60. the bike’s taken back over into sixth gear because i’m cruising at the highest speed but then if i do want to go into manual

Mode i’ll go back in flick it down and as you can see i’m at 58 miles an hour in third gear the bike is not changing up for me i am in full control of the gears so although i know i have a few times said that the uh i do prefer a manual bike because you are fully in control of the gears even with a dct from honda you are still well and truly in control of what

The gears are doing as long as it is in manual mode bump it back up into uh into six gear whack cruise control on you set light there and uh you can sit back and enjoy i’ll put it back into drive into dct roll forward bringing it down into the 40s reset the speedo 38 miles an hour there you go it jumps up one mile an hour for some bizarre reason it’s in fourth

Gear in sport mode and off we go cruising again i’ve really got to say that the the dct is brilliant i personally wouldn’t want a dct and i know i’m probably repeating myself but i wouldn’t i do prefer having the manuals but take it out give it a try see what you think of it leave a comment below let me know and while it’s sold in 360. come up with another error

It hasn’t done this in so long i think i might have a um dodgy memory card in that one because it does that every now and again when i uh a certain memory card goes down i might have to put a mark on that memory card and uh limit its use so we’ll be uh wrapping up the uh this review of the uh the 2022 honda rebel 1100 dct oh that’s one actually just before we

Finish if i were to be in the market for a rebel would i go for the 500 or the 1100 i would have to go for the 1100 over the 500. it’s just more refined there’s just more that this bike gives you being an 1100 the quality is better the power is so much more responsive and is power that you’re that you’re gonna want your idea the 500 it is just seriously lacking

Power it’s a 500 cc motorcycle after all it’s not a powerful bike it just needs more oomph and the 1100 gives it that more oomph to get out to ride to get past vehicles to open up onto the motorway network it’s not much more expensive and i’ll put the price difference between the 1100s and the 500 up now so you can see firsthand what it is pop down to crescent

Honda in southampton have a chat with him take the rebel 1100 take the rebel 500 out for a test ride let’s see what you think but i think if you opted for the 1100 over the 500 you are making the right decision so from revolution thank you for watching my review on the honda rebel 1100 dct model all right grab a coffee until next time everyone ride safe please

Give me a like subscribe and you do comment let me know if you’ve ridden the rebel 1100 let me know what you think so until next time take care i’ll see you soon

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2022 Honda Rebel 1100 DCT – Part 2:2 By RevZolution