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2022 Honda REBEL 1100 Review: Spec – Features – Exhaust – DCT Automatic Cruiser

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2022 honda rebel 1100 performance 1084 cc twin cylinder engine the rebel 1100 sports an engine that redefines what a modern cruiser can and should be the parallel twin design is narrow and delivers torque everywhere from idle to redline proven in our africa twin you’ll have plenty of power grunt down low but the rebel 1100 cruise is easy and revs like nothing

Else in the class unicum engine design honda’s exclusive unicam registered engine design helps us give the rebel 1100 a compact cylinder head for optimal engine placement but the engine also benefits from superior performance thanks to the entire cylinder head layout it’s the best of both worlds 270 degree phase crank most twins use a 180 degree crank by

Phasing the rebel 1100s at 270 degrees you get a unique rumbling power delivery that’s easy to modulate and that produces an awesome exhaust sound special camshaft timing we use different camshaft profiles and ignition timing for each of the rebel 1100s two cylinders why one cylinder produces slightly more power below 4000 rpm and the other more above 4000 rpm

Along with the 270 degree crankshaft the result is a unique power pulse and feel you’re going to love plus the rebel 1100 makes way more power nearly 50 percent more than some of the traditional cruisers out there engineering cruise control with a bike like the rebel 1100 you’re going to want to get out and ride that’s why we’ve equipped it with cruise control

Just like our gold wings want to kick back and cruise on the open road all weekend long no problem throttle by wire our throttle by wire system greatly expands the rebel 1100s versatility first you get four levels of honda selectable torque control second you can choose from four power delivery modes standard rain sport and a fourth that’s user programmable

First used on our world champion rc 213v moto gp bikes throttle by wire is an excellent example of how honda’s technology works for you 6-speed dct automatic transmission we make two versions of the new rebel 1100 one with a conventional manual transmission and another with honda’s revolutionary automatic dct gearbox dct is the transmission of the future and

It’s the perfect choice for a bike like this inside it’s as tough as a conventional transmission with steel gears throughout you can let it shift for you or paddle shifters in the manual mode give you full control for relaxed cruising just leave it in automatic mode and you’ll never worry about stalling or hand fatigue in stop-and-go traffic six-speed manual

Transmission the rebel 1100 features a conventional six-speed manual gearbox with a handlebar mounted clutch lever it’s a proven tough design that makes the bike a little bit lighter too slipper slash assist clutch developed and perfected in honda’s racing machines the slipper slash assist clutch on the manual transmission model means you get a lighter clutch

Pull at the lever but a solid lock up when you release the lever and apply power it’s technology that reduces clutch effort at the bar by about 30 percent biaxial counterbalance by using counterbalancing elements on two axes honda’s engineers can cancel and fine-tune both primary and coupling vibrations from the engine the result we can mount the engine solidly

For superior strength and handling you get a superior ride yet the engine still produces a pulsing beat you both hear and feel superior handling a lot of today’s motorcycles look great standing still or just putting along but disappoint once the road gets twisty at honda we set high standards for the way all our bikes handle and feel and the rebel 1100 is a

Perfect example we’ve paid just as much attention to the way this bike corners and handles as we have its knockout styling low center of gravity compact mass by locating heavy components like the crankshaft low and as close to the bike center of gravity as possible and by using a compact engine design the rebel 1100 provides a superior platform for excellent

Handling steel frame the rebel 1100s frame is not only an important reason why this bike handles so well it’s also an important styling element the trellis design describes a bold diagonal theme line from the steering head to the swing arm pivot cast aluminum wheels cast wheels front and rear are light practical easy to keep clean and give the rebel 1100 a

Look that tells you this is not built like a retro machine the wide rims and tires add to the bike’s appearance too powerful disc brakes the rebel 1100 features a radially mounted front brake caliper for powerful stopping performance the radial mount design also helps make it stiffer increasing brake feel and control and grips a single massive millimeters disc

And at the rear there’s a 256 millimeters disc as well for excellent stopping power anti-lock brakes both the automatic dct and manual shift rebel 1100s feature honda’s refined anti-lock braking system when riding in town in the rain or on unfamiliar roads it’s a great asset that can help you make controlled stops in less than ideal conditions for a bike like

This it’s a feature everyone can appreciate wheelie control like our high-tech cbr1000rr our fireblade the rebel 1100 features front and rear wheel speed sensors working with the honda selectable torque control hstc the system also lets you dial in three levels of wheelie control under seat usbc terminal we know you’re going to want to charge up your personal

Electronics or run accessories like a navigational aid while you’re out riding and that’s why we’ve provided a handy under-seat usb-c port wide rear tire the rebel’s low fat 16 inch 180 65 rear tire gives you plenty of grip while helping to lower the bikes overall seat height and stance and it looks tough too wide front tire the rebel 1100s wide 130-70-18 front

Tire not only give the bike a great look but it helps provide superior handling and stopping power style blacked out style our family of rebels are blank canvases for your self-expression but unlike the canvas you buy at the art store they’re not boring white as is it’s blacked out engine pieces frame fork and bodywork elements look great during the day and even

Better at night we even black plated the final drive chain blacked out muffler forget about having to polish chrome or exhaust pipes that turn the rebels blacked out exhaust system blends perfectly with the bike’s overall look and maybe the biggest plus the awesome sound that’s so important to the riding experience modern classic instrument shape another

Iconic element combining traditional and modern the rebels instruments take a classic shape and fill it with totally up-to-date reverse image digital lcd information the instruments include a speedometer tachometer gear position indicator a fuel indicator engine output mode torque control level engine braking mode and much more four-bulb headlight another

Critical item in motorcycle design is the headlight with the rebel 1100 you get the best of both worlds the led lamp is bright and precise while the round three inch nacelle shape gives the rebel 1100 a character that exudes class all lead lighting package led lighting is where it’s at now leds can be lighter brighter and require fewer lifetime replacements

Than incandescent bulbs that’s why the rebel 1100 features an all led lighting package headlight tail light turn signals even the license plate light seamless fuel tank can you see the flange on the bottom of the rebel 1100s fuel tank trick question that’s because there isn’t one like the best custom-built bikes we fabricated the fuel tank without a flange

To clean up the bike’s lines and give it a more refined look 3.6 gallon fuel tank one of the key items in motorcycle design is the fuel tank holding a generous 3.6 gallons the rebel 1100s iconic fuel tank shape is timeless but functionally it also teams up with the bike’s great fuel efficiency to give you plenty of range

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