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400885 2012 Honda CBR1000RR – Used motorcycles for sale

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What’s up guys nick here with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas got a gorgeous 2012 20th anniversary honda cbr1000rr bye guys fast loud it’s got the upgraded m4 pipe which is made locally right here in the dfw great sound to it it’s a full-on race flagman street-legal you like to do track days back twisty roads this is the type of bike you’ve

Won it’s got the beautiful honda red paint you got the turn signals built into the mirrors it’s got a tinted zero-gravity zero-gravity doublebubble windscreen put a brand new tire on the front dual disc brakes bike some excellent condition it’s got a few little marks you can see right down the front fender and the tiny wolf scratch kind of hard to see but overall

The bikes in excellent condition it’s got adjustable show of forks i’m gonna show a rear shop so you can tune it in for your weight your riding style so 1,000 cc inline-four fuel injected liquid cooled it’s got a six-speed transmission this one actually has they changed it over to gp ship which is reverse shift so instead of one down five up it’s one up and five

Down and you can swap it really easy you can just turn this little thing around take maybe two minutes some people don’t like it i like it you’re less likely to miss upshifts when you’re hammering down on the shifter full speed so that’s how i prefer it got the swingarm spools so if you got a paddock stand you can lift up the rear do any kind of chain maintenance

Tire maintenance it’s got a good tire on the rear it’s also got the tilt id kit so you got the plate mounted up under there it is one of our certified pre-owned motorcycles so we do a multi-point inspection test ride it and make sure everything’s working correctly and then we give it a professional detail it’s got the tech spec paint grips and got the pro grip

Tank protector you can really it’s textured and it’s kind of sticky so you can really hug it with your knees that way you’re not putting all the weight on your wrists it’s got a fully digital display digital tag gear indicator and it’s only got sixteen thousand seven hundred and sixty-eight miles runs fantastic we’ll go ahead and fire it up so you can hear this

In-floor pipe loud its aggressive that’s what you want you’re riding around a city you want everybody to be aware of your presence i’ll run you over beautiful bye guys if you’d like to know more about it contact our sales team toll-free at 888 411 51 or you can check out our website at clean heart race comm and see our full inventory we offer excellent finance

And extended warranty options take the most anything in on trade and we sell and ship bikes all around the world this is nick with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas freedom to choose

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400885 2012 Honda CBR1000RR – Used motorcycles for sale By americanmotorcycle