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509 HD74 Lishi Picking & Decoding a Honda Motorcycle Lock


Hey everybody on this video we have a honda motorcycle gas cap here this came up with a honda shadow got it from a junkyard and we’re going to be using the hd74 lychee to pick and decode it these are single-sided locks here so just be having to pick it one direction and make sure we get it all the way in here this is one of those things so this would actually be

Easier to do with the cap actually on a motorcycle probably but instead of in my hand here in front of a camera we’re gonna see if we can do it anyway so i’m gonna put tension on it like any leashing now we’re gonna just go through and just look for something binding so start at one and it is binding a little bit of a click still binding another click a little

Bit of rotation actually nothing on two three four okay five is binding click on five one here one’s binding again click on one okay little tiny tiny click on two okay four’s binding a little bit click on four another click on five click on one nothing on two three four five again and we are actually open now and this won’t spring back on its own so don’t

Worry about that at least so now that it’s picked that we can actually uh read it turn the uh make sure it’s turned here okay this is gonna just read the same way that it uh picked here so turning on number one we actually have a one two is going to be a one as well and we never picked threes that’s going to indicate that it’s actually going to be a three four

Is going to be a one and five is a two so one one three one two and i’ve already actually cut a key for it we reset the lock here just gotta press the uh black piece down here and spring back to the home position let us put a key in the key does actually work and there’s our fitting on the key here as you can see one one three one two and of course you do have

A code on them as well a lot of code on this one is actually kind of hard to see here but it’s actually right here and the code’s actually 86 if you run that it does give you the same bidding so we know the leash is accurate also since we cut the key into the key works it also tells us that it’s accurate so um it’s also an hd75 which is just the reverse of this

Keyway and it you know works the same here i just have not ran across a lock yet that i can do a video for that one but that’s all i got on this one uh questions or comments of course i’ll put them in the comments i try to answer uh pretty much everything and i guess uh until next time i’ll talk to everybody later

Transcribed from video
(509) HD74 Lishi Picking & Decoding a Honda Motorcycle Lock By Bored Lock picker