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A Ride To Dons | Cruisemans Moto Vlogs | 2018+ Honda Goldwing | 2020

I ride to Don Smith’s house to pick up a piece of video gear. That’s it. Nothing special. Nothing controversial. Just a ride on a beautiful day to a friend’s house.

So i’m not exactly sure what i paid the hundred and twenty-nine dollars a year for good morning everybody in internet world as his cruise man and i have a little journey this morning i’m going to ride the bike over to don smith’s house some of you have seen don smith before he’s got his own youtube channel texas tulane you can check it out at texas to tulane comm

And he’s going to help me out by loaning me a or giving me a little device that i need for shooting a video with all the equipment that i’ve got to shoot videos i need this little adapter this tiny little 3/8 two quarter inch adapter and of course my first instinct was to order it i’m adjusting my camera here was to order this on amazon being a loyal prime mender

Member but every time i try to order something now from amazon it says it’s not going to be delivered until may 13th so i’m not exactly sure what i paid the hundred and twenty nine dollars a year for because i thought it was for two-day delivery not three-week delivery yeah i know we got a pandemic i understand all that so you don’t have to remind me so i’m going

To head over to don’s house and pick this thing up and then i will be able to finish shooting my review video of the garmin zumo xt and since i’m going to do a ride to don’s house i thought i’d put his address in into the gps and just let it kind of guide me there so you can kind of see a little example this is obviously not the review the full review but you can

Kind of see how it works let me get down here maybe the gopro won’t be such a wide angle where you can see some of it so i’m gonna say where to and i’m basically going to enter an address because i know don’s address it’s using the avoidance preferences that i’ve already set up in the gps i’ve already said to avoid highways because i don’t want to go on a highway

So i’m gonna take back roads now i’ve got the headset on my my bluetooth headset turned off right now it’s not turned on so i’m actually getting directions through the little speaker but i’m going to turn my headset on okay so i am now not getting anything through the headset except for my navigation instructions okay so well let’s get out of here it’s actually

A beautiful day it’s 70 degrees outside couldn’t ask for a nicer day just incredible i’m not sure if you’re able to pick up the navigational instructions that are coming through my speakers in my helmet you probably hear something back there but you probably can’t get real clear but it is telling me you know where my next turn is and of course it tells me that

On the screen as well now i know how to get to dawn’s house it’s not like i would need a gps to do this i’m just using every opportunity i can to test out this xt and to kind of give myself an idea of how it compares to the gopro 595 and i will be wrapping all this up into a final review and i’ve had a ton of emails and a ton of comments there seems to be a lot

Of interest in this new garmin zumo xt now just to answer a couple of those questions some of you have asked me what is the advantage what’s the advantage to having this gps when you’ve got a built-in gps on the goldwing and honestly for probably 60% 70% of the riders out there the built-in gps is going to be just fine if all you want to do is find the closest

Gas station or the nearest chinese restaurant or something like that the built-in honda gps is fine however if you’re doing serious offer i’m sorry serious long-distance tutoring multi-day trips and you want to have any control over your routes over which roads you take like i like to take back roads i don’t i don’t want to take interstates and a gps by its very

Nature is always going to want to try to put you on an interstate because it wants to get you there the fastest way it can because most people just want to get where they’re going in a hurry they don’t care about being on interstate but if i want a motorcycle trip i want to take back roads i want to take more of a scenic route so i’ll use a garments basecamp on my

Computer and lay out the route to take exactly the roads i want to take that’s very difficult to do with the honda built-in gps and you could do it i’m not saying it’s not doable but it’s very difficult to do now the same you can make the same argument for apple carplay because a lot of people say well if you’ve got apple carplay with lay’s or google maps or one

Of these why do you need a gps there’s a lot of things that this product does that you don’t get with an apple carplay app so again it’s you can lay out routes in google maps and you may even be able to do it in ways but it it’s not an elegant solution it’s possible to do it but it’s really not what those products are designed to do this product is designed for

That purpose that’s what this is kind of made for also if you’re an adventure rider and you have a bmw gs or you have a honda africa twin or something like that this particular model has a lot of features that are specific to adventure riding so you’re gonna like the durability the unit’s supposed to be made much more durable able to withstand impacts this can also

Communicate with a satellite communicator so if you’re in an area that doesn’t have cell phone reception the garmin has a line of products called inreach and their little communicators that are basically like satellite where you can send text messages sos messages things like that well this unit can communicate via satellite so that you could receive text messages

Through your enriched device right here on the xt screen it’s actually very cool it’s not something i would probably need but if you’re an adventure rider and you’re offroad you’re in the backwoods where there’s no cell phone service that would be a huge advantage to you so there’s all kinds of apps that are built into this unit as well for a weather radar for

Traffic and of course you have to have a smart phone and you have to be running the garmin connect app on your smart phone and have your smart phone paired with the gps which i do so that you can also make phone calls now you could do all that with apple carplay you wouldn’t have to have this to make phone calls but you can do that right through this unit so it’s

For those of us that have android phones this is an excellent option because it gives you much much better telephone connectivity then does the goldwing and of course if you don’t have a goldwing or if you have a bike without you know those audio systems that connect cell phones this would be a must it be a you just have to have it something like this and the

Telephone system works very well on this garmin i’ve tested on this one and the 595 and they both work really well so this is day 35 i believe or 36 of the shutdown and you know it’s it’s doesn’t seem to be getting any more i’m not getting any more used to it than i was before a lot of you commented on my hulu experiences and my dish now that we went back to dish

For our television programming and i’m telling you what i love in my dish and i’m loving it and we just had nothing but issues with hulu and you know the system hanging up and couldn’t download show you know we’d be in the middle of watching her show and it would just freeze and it’s like it couldn’t get an internet connection or like you couldn’t download the

Information fast enough and i know it’s not my internet connection because we have 500 up and 500 down on internet we got superfast internet through our fios fiber optic cable so i know it’s not my internet connection is just a hulu thing i’m just curious how many of you have already received your $1200 stimulus direct deposit or check i’m still waiting on mine

I still haven’t gotten mine and here we are past the middle of april which i guess it’s april 21st today and i still haven’t gotten anything so i just be curious in the comments down below how many of you have already received your $1,200 so i’m gonna head on over to dawn’s and pick up my little part and that’s pretty much it for today you can see i’ve got my

Xt telling me where to go i will be doing a couple more motovlogs this week i really appreciate all you guys and gals watching my channel and posting your comments i try to read every comment that comes through i don’t get to reply to every single one but i i tried to as much as possible i usually spend the first couple hours every morning while i’m having coffee

Going through the comments on my youtube videos if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and click that little subscribe button down below click the bell if you want to be notified if new videos coming out and there will be more keep an eye out for my garmin xt review got a couple other products coming soon that i’ll be reviewing as well i

Haven’t forgotten about the seat all of you keep asking me for my review on the seat we will get that review done i’m waiting on some more information from the manufacturer that’s the only reason i haven’t gone ahead and posted a review of this seat because i have i have been riding with it now for a couple of months so it’s not like i’m not used to it now i am

Pretty used to it i’m i’m okay with talking about my experience on the seat but there’s some facts and figures and things questions that i have that i know you’re gonna have and i want to make sure those questions get answered before i post my review so anyway i will talk to you next time on the next cruise man’s motovlog if you enjoyed this video please take

A second to give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to click the subscribe button down below and if you click the little bell icon youtube will notify you when we come out with new videos thanks again for joining us on cruise man’s garage

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A Ride To Don's | Cruiseman's Moto Vlogs | 2018+ Honda Goldwing | 2020 By Cruiseman’s Garage