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A Short Riders Review of the Honda CB500X

I’m not a bike reviewer, but these are my thoughts on the CB500X after having it for 3 years.

I want to welcome you guys to my review of the honda cb500x it’s kind of going to be an honest review from a short rider i don’t normally review bike but this was a request from my subscribers so i’m going to give it a shot so then my second bike at the 2013 model without abs i’ve had it for about three years and i paid forty seven hundred for it i’m a female

Rider and five foot six inches tall 140 pounds when i think i have about a 28 inch inseam the seat height limits like is 31 inches which isn’t really that tall but feet is kind of wide and i find that that tends to make the bikes feel taller than it really is maybe i can’t really flat foot – also the seats lifts toward the tank which sends me towards the tank under

Heavy braking or just after a while and i find myself constantly readjusting next is listen to the exhaust i think the exhaust is too quiet and i recommend replacing this i just don’t think cars can hear me very well i finally overall economics and spice to be very comfortable aside from those two things i mentioned about the seat it’s the upright standard

Seating position and you can easily reach all the controls it also affords a great amount of visibility which i think is really helpful for safety next let’s talk about the engines this is the 471 cc parallel twin engine with 6-speed transmission i was coming from a 250 bike of my first bike so it was really intimidated by how much larger this bike was and i thought

It would be much faster than it is but it’s actually very user friendly and extremely manageable however there’s a bit of a drawback here this doesn’t have a lot of acceleration and that’s kind of scary on the interstate here i’m taking on the interstage it’s the kind of assess how it does and i’m trying to get in front of this red truck here i think i have a lot

Of time because i think i’m going to be able to accelerate much faster than i can but unfortunately i go to click up and it’s already on sixth gear i find that this happens a lot with this bike i think i have more and then there just isn’t anything this is about 4000 rpms at 70 miles per hour and sixth gear also that windscreen kind of directs wind directly your

Head or your chest depending on how tall you are so you can upgrade that but if you do a lot of touring or a long-distance touring on interstate i don’t recommend this bike it does well in all weather these are the corelli scorpion trail tyres come with it stock and they do just fine i’ve never had problems with them on longer trips if you have luggage for example

In this clip i actually have soft bags i definitely recommend getting a rack for it i found out the hard way on this journey that you need a rack for even a soft bags because my rear tire does say through my soft bags which was a bummer i’ll go over some of the other issues that i’ve had with this bike that maybe you’re just kind of personal to me or maybe would

Be relevant to other short statured riders i thought this bike was very awkward at first especially sitting on it in the dealership compared to the cb500f i found handlebars to be wide and i thought that it seemed like it carried its weight up high and seemed a little unwieldy to me and i just didn’t know if i would be able to manage it ever i have dropped it a

Couple times like i said in that kind of run high confidence this is a stupid mistake here on eyes i don’t think any bike is going to do that well on ice but i can’t really take this bike up by myself it’s 430 pounds and i don’t really have the right technique and have it really practice it i think what’s the right technique and enough practice almost anybody could

Lift this bike but for me it’s just been sort of a thing that bruises my ego and it means me thinking maybe i should have gotten a smaller bike so if you’re a little like i am comparatively to sort of like male riders or whatever it’s something to think about this a clip is an example of kind of why i regret not getting maivia i was following my friend too closely

Here and he stops at this traffic light which i wasn’t expecting to happen and i lost the brakes up right there so the brakes are something that i had to get used to and coming from the bike that had drum brakes it was really a big change so as a smaller rider my recommendation is if you’re thinking i was like you can do it i just recommend practicing with it and

In parking lots maybe a little bit more than you would another bike at least for me that’s helped me get a little more comfortable with it at lower speeds so i practice actually every year doing we’ve come emergency stopping and so on and so forth so that i can just sort of reacquaint myself with the height and weight i’ll in this video on a positive note talking

About the thing that i like the best about this bike it’s kind of ironic that the thing that i like the best about this bike is something that probably does the least well which is dirt roads for a street bike i think it does surprisingly well on the dirt road which i think is really gratifying i always find myself thinking like oh man i don’t think i could do this

Road and then i do it and the bike does fine so it’s not something that this is not a replacement of a dual sport or a dirt bike those are always going to be better suited for this type of thing but if you’re like me and you do a lot of commuting on the street you want to do like the occasional fire service road you like being out in nature i think that that balance

Is really struck well with this bike if you’re like i said more on the dirt bikes and you do at least 50% of your road riding as off roads and this like not going to be that great for you but i like i said i do probably about 90% commuting around town and then occasionally want to do these dirt roads and that’s been the most gratifying thing about this bike for me

Is that it’s sort of the perfect balance for me in that way i was characterize this bike as sort of a jack of all trades and master of none i think that it does a lot of different things but it can’t do any one thing particularly exceptionally well so i think it’s life is very affordable and i’m very pleased with this bike i don’t intend to trade it any time soon

I’ll leave you with a list here of recommended upgrades if you’re looking to get this bike and i hope you found this video helpful if you did feel free to comment like and share thanks and ride safe

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A Short Rider's Review of the Honda CB500X By Kill Kitty