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Absolutely RIDICULOUS Hand Made Cone Pipe for Your Two Stroke Dirt Bike – Honda CR250 Build Exhaust

Absolutely RIDICULOUS Hand Made Cone Pipe for Your Two Stroke Dirt Bike – Honda CR250 Build Exhaust

Guys welcome back this is the final t-1000 build video my name is charles mx revival mx and i have some super trick to show you guys today this stuff is so badass that it actually warranted even making this video in the first place a lot of you guys know the previous video was actually supposed to be the last video so i i just couldn’t not show you

What i have in today’s video so one of these things is actually the crown jewel for t1000 that is our huga exhaust pipe hugo performance creates 100 hand made cone pipes for two strokes they are insane in addition to that some of you guys probably remember a few episodes ago the wheels we had built for t-1000 ended up not fitting we were accidentally sent a

Four-stroke rear hub on that wheel that was built and so the wheels just didn’t fit i ended up having to sell them had another set built so those new wheels are here they’re put together they look amazing and now we have a full roller for the very first time and guess what else we got our finishing move that final touch that literally every bike build needs we

Got our one off full custom set of decals for t1000 from my buddy jared at elusive graphics really he’s like my little brother now he stayed up late last night and poured on the midnight oil to get these done for us so jared if you’re watching i really appreciate it thanks for putting up with me pushing on you this is a truly monumental time for mx revival

And every one of our build team so i am so stoked that we are finally here so check this out here’s a little sneak peek of our decals we’re going to save a little juice for the final reveal video so we’re not going to show you everything right now but very soon you will see this in full detail on the bike and the entire bike build itself i’ve been holding

Out on you guys a little bit the last couple episodes so jared and i dreamt up a very clean very t1 thousand inspired set of decals for this bike build we came up with this idea of iphone 8 roosters we came up with this idea of like grid lines in the background of the decals we were going for a really early 90s computer vibe because that’s when terminator 2

Judgment day came out where t-1000 was actually we were going for a really early 90s computer vibe since that’s when terminator 2 judgment day actually came out where the t1000 character was introduced for the first time holy that was a mouthful so jared took these grid lines and sort of squeezed them and stretched them into the background of the decals

And it just creates this really awesome driving focal point on each piece it gives the entire kit a really cool dynamic and then of course there’s a gradient which is when the design starts really strong and bold and as it carries on it starts to taper and fade off simply put they are sick so guys as mentioned i am pumped to finally have t-1000 up as a full

Roller finally got the wheels on the brakes the tires everything that whole wheeled debacle is over and it’s funny because at this stage in the bike builds you tend to come out in the shop and grab the controls and play with the bike and pretend like you’re riding it see if everything’s in the right place and you have this natural tendency to do brake dabs

And i always try to keep the brake rotors completely scuff free line free that way in photos and before the bike is ridden everything just looks pristine so it’s really hard not to do those brake dabs and scuff the rotors so far so good fingers crossed definitely hard to roll a bike in and out of the truck and resist the urge to grab the brakes and guys don’t

Forget everything i talk about in today’s video is always in the description below so we’ve been through the decals a little bit talked about the wheels there’s only one thing left to talk about and that is our hugo performance handmade cone pipe for t1000 my dude steve lummerding in the great white north aka canada threw down so hard for us on this exhaust

Pipe every single pipe is handmade made out of multiple little cones that steve ends up welding together and he has a really trick software that helps him sort of digitally map out how the pipe should be the shape how the bike’s going to run i’ve yet to see that but that sounds really intriguing and the cherry on top is that every single pipe is then dyno

Tested to see if it’s actually making more power more usable power whatever it may be but definitely needs to be better than stock and a lot of times the pipes end up better than some of the big names we already have available to us which is pretty remarkable so you get these beautiful handmade pipes that are even made out of a thicker gauge steel than most

Available pipes today for better longevity and to back all that up the thing runs on the dyno what more could you ask for and if that wasn’t enough steve pulled out all the stops and even had a custom pipe badge made just for t-1000 i just about myself when i pulled this pipe out of the box i almost forgot to mention this thing has even been high temp heat

Treated with clear coat so that will really keep the corrosion down it looks amazing it gives it this nice bright shine and i am super excited to put this on the bike with you guys today so let’s mount this sucker up i probably scored with one of the last pro circuit stingers on the freaking planet available since everything is out of stock and at this rate

You guys probably aren’t even surprised to see me back in the bolton motorcycle hardware pro pack again this pro pack is like the gift that keeps on giving i’m going to be using the pipe springs that actually come in it for the two-stroke specific pro packs and then the exhaust joiner which actually couples the two exhaust pipes together at the joint of course

Every other bolt is in it as well all the bolts needed to mount the huge performance exhaust pipe and the stinger in the back and i still have about a million bolts left over so use those for whatever you need to use them for so and so i’m really happy to report that the pipe bolted right up everything lined up perfectly it fit flawlessly always

A little iffy when you’re doing measurements from usa to canada over whatsapp and you’re not quite sure if everything’s perfect he’s got to rely on me i’ve got to rely on him and the difference was actually in the exhaust flange the 2002 cr-250 has a little bit longer i think it was a quarter inch longer exhaust flange which is the spigot that bolts onto the

Cylinder than the 2003 and 4 models so if you guys want to run one of these on the o2 you need to get a 03 or 04 model spigot if you can’t find one of those i’m pretty sure boysen still makes one and i just learned from you guys on instagram and youtube that pro circuit actually makes one too so that’s how you run the 0304 pipe on your o2 and then of course

The 05 through 7 are a different design all together that no longer uses the exhaust spigot for whatever that’s worth and yes of course hugo performance covers way more models than just the cr250 they even have handmade cone pipes for the monster brc 500 engine which is that new engine that came out that goes in the ktm chassis so snow bikes motocross bikes

Enduro bikes super moto bikes different pipes different bends thicker gauges lots of options so again all this stuff is in the description below guys that pretty much wraps it up for today’s video i need to get working on installing these decals after that i’ll give t-1000 a really nice wipe down get this bike ready for the final video the final photos and

Also a reveal coming up if you’ve made it this far in the video i have some special news for you i actually rented out lacrs main track coming up first week of november so i’ve got t-1000 coming out some of the build crew dirt bike magazine’s coming out we have the track locked down just for us we’re gonna have mark tilly the editor beat the living out of

This bike and so i’m hoping that makes a really special edit for you guys that will eventually be live on youtube through the dirt bike magazine channels and day before that wednesday we’re taking t-1000 into the studio for the still shots so i can’t wait for this we’re just a couple weeks away i got a little bit more work to do a few heat cycles to get

Through on the engine and before long you guys are going to hear this thing scream so thank you for watching don’t forget to like don’t forget the sub i appreciate you and until next time you guys shred safe i will see you soon you

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Absolutely RIDICULOUS Hand Made Cone Pipe for Your Two Stroke Dirt Bike – Honda CR250 Build Exhaust By mXrevival