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Adding USB Charger to Honda CT90 or any other motorcycle / scooter 6V 12V

Here’s a short project allowing you to run and charge USB devices on your Honda CT90 or any other 6v or 12v motorcycle or scooter using an $8 circuit.

So here is our parts list for this project of putting a usb capability into a honda ct 90 or similar the wiring colors i’m talking about are correct for a honda cte 19 1970 so this i will put a link to in the description it’s from amazon it was eight dollars or something it’s a 5.1 240 volt input usb output little module the wiring i have taken from an old ct harness

Just to keep things tidy this is just a box that i’m going to you put everything in so that it’s somewhat water sealed so you could basically all you need to do with this this is to a positive and a negative connection the negative needs to go to ground on the bike the positive should go to anything that is hot when the ignition switch is turned on and on my ct

90 that’s a red wire this is from an old harness the red wire comes back actually the red wire comes back from the from the ignition key and comes to something comes to one of these and then it’s bled off so what you could do is just take one of these nasty block things and and use it to get get power out of a red wire anywhere you see a red wire what i’m doing is

I’m going to i’ve added that on the end of that so that i can further split the splitter that’s already there so that i am destructive to the wang darkness so bottom line that is going to those two are going to connect to that i’m going to find that in the bike take one of them out but that in it put the other one in there and wire that to that so i’ll show you

All that one day when i get into the bike but that’s the basic plan and just as a quick test now that those are soldered on i have a charged battery here see a blue light go on there and i see charging come up take it off again that’s just a felon it’s no longer charging that should go away yep and connect again yeah so that is that is working on that six volt

Battery which is i don’t know what the charges on it but i can’t be bothered checking so let’s put this in the bike so i have confirmed using a multimeter that this red becomes hot when the ignition is turned on so i’m going to remove that and use this little splitter to reconnect and i put this in a little cameras okay put this in a little battery box it actually

Works quite well i’m gonna tape it up not being crazy sophisticated about where i mount this i’m going to probably have this just tucked in there or stick it to the inside of the side cover because i have a have a little i have this i have this which goes on the crossbar so i’m basically just gonna take the side cover off when i’m doing a ride off-road doing some

Trails run a cable from this to that which will be up on the right there so not very sophisticated for now anyway but this should be fairly very straightforward let’s do the ground first and noemy yourself of course actually so that i don’t do any fuses super-awkward doing this with a camera and a light in it there’s my ground there’s my hot now i don’t know if

This is gonna work without the bat engine running because i just tested my batter day was looking at like 4.8 we can try it go let’s see if that blue light comes on so it’s wired don’t worry about that that’s turn signals that don’t exist on my bike yep there’s light so here it is all put back together with those wires tidied up that battery case just fits in

There really nicely and it’s grounded to that i don’t remember which video i i messed up a video i don’t remember which one i’m throwing away so just to repeat a little bit the ground is – there the red is spliced into the red that is already there using that little jumper that i created and yes it will mean that i have to pull the side cover off to attach a usb

Device but that is what i’m expecting to have to do this is a once in a while thing when i’m going on a ride and i’m putting all my little phone my little phone thing with the window and i’m just gonna run a short little usb cable between those two and i think that’s gonna be really awesome hope you enjoy that bye

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Adding USB Charger to Honda CT90 (or any other motorcycle / scooter ) 6V 12V By Keith Hunniford