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Africa Twin For The Win! 2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Review | On Two Wheels

After a year of suspense, the 2016 Africa Twin is finally here! Well, it’s in South Africa anyway, which is where we went to put Honda’s new ADV bike through its paces. Thirteen years after the original model went out of production, Honda has resurrected the legendary Africa Twin name and slapped it on the side of a big-wheeled, 1000cc machine that looks like it belongs in a desert race. But how does it work? Watch the video to find out.

In this episode of on two wheels a mysterious liquid falls from the sky the mysterious force pulls me to the ground and a mysterious man in a red suit steals my test bike this is true adventure in south africa not that we’ve been keeping track or anything but it hasn’t been more than a year since honda teased the big atb to take on bmw gs and ktm 1190 now we finally

Have a chance to ride it but you might have guessed when i say we i mean very henning who will be in south africa to ride honda’s new africa twin while i’ll be here riding around on this what a lucky whoa sorry about that i think zia might be a little jealous and you know what he has every right to be i mean i’m here riding one of the year’s most anticipated

Atv bikes on the tip of the continent that gave it its name this is the 2016 crf 1000 l africa twin and it fills a big old adv sized hole in honda slide up honda pulled out all the stops for this bike first by bringing back a legendary name made famous during the paris-dakar desert races of the 80s and second by piling a ton of technological first onto this big

Wheel go anywhere motorcycle unlike the original 1988 xrv 650 which had a 650 cc v-twin the 2016 bike has a thousand cc parallel twin and you can get it with the optional dual clutch transmission and it’s got multi-level trash control as well as abs specs and history are all well and good but i didn’t come to africa to talk i came to ride so let’s kick this thing

In the gear and see what it can do this full-figured fun machine is well proportioned and very comfortable and thanks to a low seat height in narrow midsection it feels even smaller than it is plus at $13,000 this is the most affordable open class a tv not to mention that at about 500 pounds it’s also one of the lightest bikes in the class the africa twin gets

Pushed down the road by a 998 cc parallel twin but in a world of 1,200 and even 1,300 cc engines it’s not that high in the performance scale even so at a claimed 94 horsepower it’s plenty quick not to mention really smooth and really tractable even though the engine and brakes are game for a good time on a twisty road the bike is held back by lack of front-end

Feel while cornering it may just be the tires or fork setup and of course wet pavement never helps but whatever the case i’m gonna schedule the key and the african twins better-looking twin brother was waiting for me at the bottom of the hill we just got done riding some tremendous roads on the new 2016 africa twin and now we’re gonna ride the new africa twin the

Difference being this is the dct model no shifting no problem the paint and gold rims on this bike look gorgeous but unfortunately this setup won’t be available in america and that’s not the only unusual thing here it’s more than a little bit strange to be riding a motorcycle without a clutch lever or a shift lever but the dct seems to have the whole shifting thing

Figured out for round town and touring it’s pretty cool you just kick back and let the computer do its thing i did notice though that once the pace picks up dct isn’t shifting when i want to or nearly as smoothly as i’d like it to so it’s safe to say that it is not ideal for aggressive use but hey if you don’t like the way it’s shifting you can manually override

The computer with these buttons on the left grip check it out it’s like paddle shifters on a sports car well we just spent 175 miles in the new africa twin and there is no doubt that it is a comfortable capable street bike but this is an africa twin it’s not a sport tourer it’s an oversized dirt bike so there’s one very important question to be answered how is in

The dirt fortunately if there’s one thing that africa has an abundance its dirt miles and miles of it just waiting for it’s only known predator to attack like the original africa twin this bike is no poser when it comes to off-roading it’s got suspension that doesn’t shy away from hard work plenty of ground clearance in an engine that’s always ready to dish out

The tour without question this is a bike best enjoyed off the beaten path i don’t even know if i’m on course anymore to be honest i’m having so much fun i’ve gotten totally lost track of where i am yeah now we’re talking off the beaten path okay so the great balanced and legitimate off-road suspension of the africa twin make it perfectly equipped for exploring new

Trade but what about that dct business is it worth a damn in the dirt being able to ride off-road without having to finesse the clutch without having to worry about stalling the bike is definitely a benefit it makes it a lot easier to ride and i got to say i’m riding as fast and having more fun than i did on the manual bike so i honestly didn’t think i was going

To like this but i am pleasantly surprised well done honda furthering that surprise are some space-age electronics that help you take your riding to the next level on pavement tc and abs are supposed to keep your wheels alone but offroad sometimes you need to spin a tire or slide into a corner to get the job done allah knows that which is why they gave the africa

Twin tc and abs modes that allow a lot of slip while still making sure things don’t get to sideways usually here we go back it into a corner oh okay getting a little rambunctious on this thing you really can’t blame me for trying to find the limits this bike is just too damn fun so you’ve flown halfway around the planet put the coolest new atv bike through its

Paces it just happens to be mid-december that means there’s really just one thing left to do what to expect and maybe summer here in the southern hemisphere but hey it’s still the holidays and come on the santa claus is in the market for an atv bike for his around the world trip i’ll be willing to say the african tree will be pretty high on his list whether it’s

Long-distance touring on pavement or cruising through some gnarly off-road it’s proven self totally capable we’re really excited to get this thing back in the states and compared to all the other atvs but you know what that’s it for this episode on two wheels this is airy hitting signing off south africa people say motorcycling is risky business but not risking

It for me so i’m gonna get in the water with a great way shark wow oh great way sneak attack glad i could hang out a cage with you guys yeah right i’m gonna practice my dives real quick oh wait that bigbonna come right at me and get the bars no one’s got a budget camera

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Africa Twin For The Win! 2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Review | On Two Wheels By Motorcyclist Magazine