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ATV Loader Bucket On Honda Rancher Swisher P/N 15714 and 10260

Overview of the Swisher ATV Universal dump bucket and mount kit on my 2016 Honda Rancher 420. It works but it’s obviously not a replacement for a tractor loader or skid steer in any way. You wont be able to do any digging with this attachment. Here is a link to purchase the loader (paid link)

I’m doing a quick review squisher dump bucket and push – it’s pretty standard setup if you want to put a dump bucket on your atv this is one of the few options out there lets you build something custom so i had winch already installed and a different type of plow on my honda ranger for tony i needed something just to move a little bit of gravel and dirt around

Every now and then obviously this is no replacement for like a bobcat or skid steer but what i want to use it for it might work want to move some gravel so here to get a shot so it’s meant to mount in the rear this under vehicle assembly goes from the back and connects where your hitch would be in my case i had to put this 2 inch drawbar on here because i have

A different aftermarket receiver but for most eu they have just a standard the circle back here includes everything you need to just pull it to that so this runs from the back all the way to the front none of the front end there is this setup that bolts to the a arms one of a etv and it includes different brackets that are pretty universal for all the different

Manufacturers and with that also acts as a suspension lock it’s like a leaf spring setup that runs between the two and it prevents the front suspension on the atv from sagging when it’s got all the load of the plow on the front so it works pretty good there’s not really very good instructions that come with it so you kind of got to have to figure it out and take

Measurements and get everything lined up my suggestion would be just to leave everything loose and then once you get everything installed kind of tighten everything down how the plow works the bucket works it’s pretty simple just connects to your winch and lift it up dump the load you pull this here drops the bucket then if you lower let the winch out move back

A little bit but it will while the buckets drop into place just by dropping the bucket and moving backwards like that and then when you lift it back up locked in place ready to go so i’m gonna try it just like that and if it doesn’t really work for me i’d kind of want a little bit more control on the bucket so if this doesn’t work out good for me i try to put

On some kind of actuator to actually control the bucket independently we’re going to try it like this that’s all right so that is just a quick little demonstration and show you what it can do to a can handle a scoop full of gravel it’s pretty much the max that’s the winch can handle and it’s the max that the suspension on the four-wheeler can handle

But it does work pretty good maybe that helps you out

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ATV Loader Bucket On Honda Rancher Swisher P/N 15714 and 10260 By Jack of All Master of None