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Barn Find 1970 Honda CT90!! Will it RUN and RIDE again after 10 years??

In today’s episode of Lambvinskis Garage, we pull a 1970 Honda CT90 that got stuffed in a shed about 10 years ago! She’s a mighty fine machine that my dad and I build many, many years ago! Do you think it’ll run and ride again? Grab your riding gear and go on an adventure with us! Is it really a barn find if we put it there though? Oh well, enjoy!!

All right ladies and gents today we’re gonna go for a barn find motorcycle and for once it’s uh not that far from home you’re watching lambinsky’s garage let’s go get it all right well we made the trek up the hill you can still see rusty acres in dodge city from here but here’s what we’re after this is a 1970 honda ct 90. when we were growing up as kids this

Is the bike that we built for our neighbors you guys know christopher nicholas they’ve been in videos and nicholas has that j3 cub this is the bike we built for them uh 15 years ago and it’s probably been setting at least 10. but we’ve been screwing around with little honda motorcycles lately and we want to get this thing running again you think she’s going to

Make smoke i sure do let’s get it out of the barn all right there she is in all her glory sitting in that spot for man probably 10 years she’s a fine fine machine we got a little bit of stuff to do we did rob the battery for the st 90 but it’s down at the shop so we’ll put it in we need to air up the tires and i’m just gonna give old launch here a kick and he’ll

Be down there in no time ready for a good ride kid and get her back down to the headquarters i’ll meet you there so nicholas got the battery out of the st90 over there we’ll get it in and plumbed in i’m going to put oil down the cylinder we did open the gas tank and the gas smells like varnish i think you might be able to refinish a door or something with it but

I really don’t think it’s going to start this motorcycle so we’ll get that drained out we’ll put some fresh gas in it i might peep in the bowl and shine the points we’ll see maybe we’ll just kick it it’s a honda it’ll run well we just got the gas out take your hand away from there and show them what that stuff looked like out of trees here can you smell that

Is it we can it’s bad we’re about to have a good day after sitting here for a little while yeah no kidding we just dumped some regular okay gas that i got out of my buick into this thing just to flush the crap out of the bottom we’ll go get some regular gas check spark see if she’ll get some fuel and then hopefully we’ll make smoke well we just went out back

And another less fortunate honda 90 sacrificed his electrode cap or spark plug cap or whatever you want to call this thing up here because that’s what this one needs so let’s put it in and see if we have spark all right kick that thing over and see if she’s got some spark you see anything hmm i don’t hear it snapping nope no spark all right well let’s pull that

Points cover yeah hold on to that kick it no thank you let’s pull that points cover and see if we got some spark all right he filed the points a little bit see if you can hear it snapping i’ll just i don’t hear any point snapping over there let’s see is our battery hooked up right no what are you gonna put the battery up get dingus i did you read the red oh

It’s a difficult or the mine might be the other power cord you know we got no spark though all right let’s try with the let’s see what else we can do well the battery terminals aren’t corroded yeah so maybe let’s try we can clean them up some on your nose yeah red and white all right after some battery fiddling i think i hear it snapping over here sparkler

You don’t see any spark though is it snapping i think it was i don’t hear it anymore hmm add connections maybe yeah it’s snapping over here oh it is so hmm well spark plug well we know the spark plug is good because it came out of that bike we could just put it in it could be how we have it setting we could put it in and put gas to it yeah let’s try that all

Right let’s go get some gas all right we got gas let’s see if this thing will start oh kick your battery box that must be how it got bent the first time probably let me fold it bend there you go oh well at least it’s kind of firing oh you’re leaking gas too yeah well looks like we might have to pull that carburetor off and see what’s inside they said

They ran it out of gas last time but that was a long time ago see if we can break her open all right after some more battery fiddling and some more points shining i think we finally got sparked it looked awful weak but i’m pretty sure huh maybe we’ll check that spark plug again it might have got oiled up from all the oil on the cylinder check it out come

Back again all right retain spark plugs and now it’s got a nice consistent button so you can kick that thing and make her smoke well dang well i guess we can check the plug and see if we’re getting gas now sounded like you’re fired anyways well let’s see we got all right we’re making money moves now check that thing oh yes oh we might might have flooded

It but she sputtered it ran for a second oh oh man so close now wait a second you did turn the gas back on didn’t you yeah okay that would be embarrassing oh oh well we got it the sputter what do you say we take the carburetor off clean it up some we got sparks that’s a nice thing to do it’s a start isn’t it well i mean we tried to do a revival like that

But let’s get the carb off well believe it or not this is actually the second honda 90 carburetor we did today the first one was on the st 90 that we’re robbing stuff from this one is uh not in quite as good shape i don’t think you want to pull that top off and see what she looks like inside yeah it’s actually not that bad you guys definitely did clean the uh

Or turn the gas off before you stored her but we still need to get in and clean out the jets and stuff i’m thinking maybe do some adjustments to the carburetor as well so let’s do that well i’ve reassembled the carburetor we put it back on and get some gas in that thing and give her a few kicks how many you think she’s gonna take i said five before yeah so

I’m gonna stick with five got the key on yep he’s on one kick here i’ll have to come adjust your carburetor a little bit but look at that we’re knowing so much from what we remember it’s not an oil burner that’s just smoke you see from all the oil i put down the cylinder but now it runs but will it ride let’s put an air cleaner back on it and tie down

The battery box well the old girl ran but does she ride fire that thing up and let’s see what she’ll do one kick well let’s follow him she still runs i might have over oiled that cylinder just a bit well the neighbors won’t have any mosquitoes down here this year well are you 10 years old again thing runs like a champ yeah you can slow the idol down some man

Maybe she does consume oil but you know what i can’t hate that mighty impressive boy can you believe this thing’s been sitting for who knows how long probably 10 years we built this bike to do pretty well exactly what he’s doing right now just because the friend group wanted to ride motorcycles together that one’s pretty nostalgic and i’m really happy it only

Took us what two hours to do it maybe have two hours in getting this thing running again but anyways i think that’s probably going to be about it for this video that was a pretty easy revival and you can’t get much better than that so anyways thank you for watching and have a nice day just like a trip down memory lane

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Barn Find 1970 Honda CT90!! Will it RUN and RIDE again after 10 years?? By Lambvinskis Garage