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BMW R100, HONDA CBX1000, CafeRacer Girl.


Today i came to a custom bike shop that was live-streamed at the nagoya motorcycle show. it seems that there are many kinds of motorcycles.. there are many kinds of motorcycles, but the most popular one is the bmw r100 series. first of all, can i choose my favorite motorcycle from the first glance? because it is thin, i often make mistakes in operation. this tank belt

Is made by an italian leather craftsman. it will be a good base vehicle for customizing your cafe racer. but 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder motorcycles with large displacement are also attractive. well, after finishing the frame processing, i always remove the engine and paint it. the seat height is low and there is a sense of stability. if you customize the seat, it will

Be cool and your feet will be better. if you run in the city, you will get a lot of attention from many people. i think that the base vehicle alone will exceed 3 million. most of the motorcycles in this shop do not have fenders. making a beautiful motorcycle is the most important thing. i’ll take pictures to the production factory today. after that, i will introduce

A biker customized by motor force. so, i came to a factory that makes motorforce motorcycles. is the bmw in the back a motorcycle commissioned by motorforce? there are many motorcycles that are being produced. i used to be a car shop, but mr. yamada from motor force invited me to do a custom motorcycles. cafe racer motorcycles often have twin or single cylinders.but,

I want to do a new custom with a multi-cylinder motorcycle. i like 6-cylinder 4-cylinder motorcycles like this. the cafe racer custom has a design that cuts down on waste, when i saw the cb550 and cb750 on display at the nagoya motorcycle show, i thought they were really cool. i was overwhelmed by how amazing this was. even though it was a live stream on youtube, it got

A lot of attention and a lot of comments, i do all the customization including frame processing. a cafe racer is difficult because even if the parts are cool, it can look bad if the combination is bad. i’m making a handmade motorcycle by tuning the engine. according to the owner’s opinion, he really wanted to add this muffler. i can’t turn on the air conditioner because

I weld or use a burner and the iron powder is terrible. i use materials that are also used for leather jackets and listen to the customer’s preferences to produce. make suggestions while looking at the customer’s fashion. we also repair rusted seats over the years while sheet metalizing the base. another common question is that i don’t know what kind of fashion to wear

And ride. now, let me introduce you to the motorforce customer’s motorcycle. but i just found this bike yesterday while looking at reels on instagram. it’s like a dream that i can see the motorcycle i saw yesterday today the seat was surprisingly soft even though it looked like this. it is also possible to make this thicker if you like. everything is made-to-order, so you

Can customize it as you please. the color is unique and wonderful. what did you focus on? i saw the custom rocket cowl of bmw and thought it was cool, so i made it a cafe racer. i was worried because it was my first time to ride a clip-on handlebar motorcycle. so i bought a ducati for practice until it was completed. so i wanted to make it not flashy, so “maccha color”

Actually, this color is the genuine color of daihatsu’s esse. i ordered this because i thought it was the only place that could make such a custom. i liked the atmosphere of the shop’s motorcycle custom, so i entrusted it to the shop. i can’t carry delicate and heavy things around, so i asked them to make it light. i’m excited because i rarely have the opportunity to

Test drive a customer when the engine fires up, it shakes side to side for a moment. when you open the accelerator, a sound like a tiger’s roar comes from the muffler. this motorcycle, was modified to have a reverse shift, and at first i was a little unfamiliar with changing gears. however, after a while, your body will get used to the motorcycle, and you will be able

To ride such a longed-for bike at first sight. since it is a straightforward vehicle without abs or electronic control, you can fully feel the “fun of riding a motorcycle”. it is a motorcycle with unique cornering and shift feel. and once in a while i will try to do maintenance that i can do myself. if you want to make a cafe racer someday, please try it. it was

40°c and my leather pants were too hot!!!!! my sticker was already pasted on the pillar of the shop.

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感極まる、新カフェレーサー。|BMW R100, HONDA CBX1000, CafeRacer Girl. By YU.SR500 /愛車のある暮らし