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Buying Another Honda Goldwing F6B Used on Craigslist Test Ride Review How to Load in Truck

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I keep us off you goes john’s moto garage we’re gonna demonstrate what not to do which is loading a honda goldwing nearly thousand pound motorcycle into the back of a pickup truck buenos dias que pasa amigos john’s moto garage we’re checking out a honda goldwing f6b almost identical to this guy here he may be asking why the heck am i checking out another one well

This one’s a shout out to dawn out there on the east coast he sent me a leave he said john i found a smoking deal right there in your backyard i said no way this dude’s he’s pulling my leg sure enough he sent me the info and he found a smoke and deal but i’m gonna go check out the bike it’s 50 minutes away it’s a bit of a drive hopefully pans out and if it does

Gracias don and if it doesn’t oh well alright que pasa amigos john’s moto garage so we did make it all the way the heck out here 50 minute bus drive through gnarly saturday rush-hour traffic and you may think dude you’re trying to pull fast one john i know this bike you have it sitting in your garage but to the abscissa to observer you’ll note that the goldwing

F6b that i have in my garage does not have the tinted windows which quite frankly i think for a goldwing writer is a must-have not necessarily tempted even though it looks way better but the taller windscreen in let’s go dante this is a 2013 golden f6b big huge shout out to i hope i get your name right dawn back in michigan he gave me the lead for this bike and

He was gonna actually buy it but shipping wasn’t panning out and so he said here john have at it and i said thanks a bunch dude yeah sue mean all this works out expect a finder’s bonus or commission or whatever you call it for sure anyway if you haven’t already check out my last video i did regarding the gold waiting f6b this is the third one that i’ve ridden and

Ever since riding my first red bull during f6b back in the day i completely fell in love with these bikes 1800 cc the smoothest bike i’ve ever ridden six-speed you got your five-speed with your six gear overdrive this is the stripped-down version of the goldwing they always call the gold wing an old man’s bike i think honda came out with this one they stripped it

Down they made it look a little more aggressive a little more hipster if you will and what they didn’t take away from that though was just how smooth and fun it is to mob this bike around so there are some things i don’t like about the goldwing but they’re all kind of needy picky type things kind of like how you on this model don’t have electronic cruise control

Things along those lines but otherwise i’m a huge fan of these bikes this isn’t really going to be the in-depth ride and review although i will be doing one of those because i’ve yet to do that on the goldwing hopefully this guy doesn’t run me off the road one of the craziest things on the honda goldwing is how easy it is to lean so easy in fact that with the

One i have sitting in my garage at the moment i was able to pull a knee drag and it’s the only bike that i’ve ever done knee and drag on and i’m not saying that to brag cuz it doesn’t have anything to do with my wannabe skills it’s the bike the bike does it and i could tell you right now my friends i’m already totally lost i’ll cheese i’m lost it’s like a maze

Man kind of combines the comfort of a touring bike with the speed and agility of your sport bike it’s very nimble easy to lean and you have more of a mid control as opposed to forward control which i personally like i feel like gives me more control no pun intended when i’m actually riding the bike i i think they did a great job with the f6b stripping it down and

I wasn’t real little stoked on the direction they went with the brand new gold wings i have done like little to no research on them actually because they’re just not real interested in looks-wise i’m sure i’d have a blast riding it looks like we found our way back hold on hold on golf cart 2018 battery is 1,400 bucks whoo smooth as a buttery pancake all right

All right i know i know i know i need slow down this thing is almost as bad as the frickin cbr man you jump on it you can’t contain yourself all right i’m gonna jump off here do a quick walk around and then we will load the bike up and i’ll have my hermano since he’s here i’ll have him fill me loading this thing up in the truck so you guys can see what it’s like

To load up a honda goldwing that has no business going in the back of the pickup truck 2013 honda goldwing f6b just the base not deluxe or anything like that but in my heart it is deluxe you got the hard bags you know pretty nice slick smooth machine i’m a big fan just like with any bike you want to line it up make sure you’re straight and once you hit it man

Pedal to the metal vehicle follow you i was freaking out there at the beginning in the middle and towards the end until he got to the bottom this motorcycle has no business being in the back of a truck it needs to be on the road ridden so we’ll do our final span and here’s my coolest trick on the honda goldwing i’m getting into a new kind of stunt as we ride

Off into the sunset anyway just sipping this one through the gears real quick and then we’ll roll it back to la casa such fun bikes stay tuned i’ll do an in-depth write and review on the honda goldwing i’ll go over some of my likes and dislikes on the moto and why i think everybody everybody at some point and their moto journey needs to pick up a honda goldwing pick

It up and take her for a ride cuz these things really are just so smooth and fun i mean it’ll like blow away any preconceived notions you had or have of the goldwing line whoa dang those are some dope looking bikes i got a turnaround do you think i can pull off the gold wing with the harley’s i’d love to see one of harley dudes driving all the goulding’s eyes those

Things i felt shame they’re not out here i think we got a night train like dyna may be nice no one’s got the bunking super dope no as you say i’d love to have one of the harley dudes mob around on the gold wing just to get their thoughts on it you know not not like i’m not trying to convert somebody to honda ism that’s not the purpose it’s just trying out different

Things and who knows maybe they have tried them out and it’s not i mean there’s something about a harley that’s a harley man and that’s why you dig it and there’s thing about things about a honda that’s a honda and that’s why you dig the honda everybody’s got their own personal preferences and and things they dig and don’t dig and it’s all good i mean that’s the name

Of the game can we park two gold wings are we gonna have enough space here you gotta figure something out because this is not working that’s cutting it real close that’ll work that’ll work for now but we’ll have to move some stuff around i put the treatment yeah i think i’ll be all right are you guys john’s moto garage until the next one hasta luego those famous queen anne say each out

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Buying Another Honda Goldwing F6B Used on Craigslist Test Ride Review How to Load in Truck By Jon’s Moto Garage