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Classic Dirt Bikes Honda CR250M Elsinore

A brief look at Honda’s first ever real purpose built motocross bike the iconic Honda CR250M Elsinore. Many of Honda’s previous model’s prior to this were just road going motorcycles that were adapted for use on dirt tracks.

Well welcome back to all my youtube vintage motocross fanatics and thanks once more for giving up your valuable time as we take a look at another iconic off-road machine in my world of classic dirt bikes now in this particular clip we’re going to take a short glance at what was in fact honda’s first ever purpose-built two-stroke motocross machine the legendary

Cr 250 m elsinore now the cr 250 m elsinore originally went on sale in the usa in march of 1973 and when honda released this remarkably trek production little motorcycle the revered european motorcycle bronzer had dominated the sport for many years while instantly be on alert when this little to spoker elsinore broke brand-new ground and of course the bike was

Initially just named the cr 250 m but it was then subtitled the elsinore in north america after the famous off-road race that took place in lake elsinore in california which of course was one of the biggest off-road races of the late 1960s and early 70s now the engine of course was a 250 cc air-cooled single cylinder piston port to stroke a motor with magnesium

Crank cases and of course all of these bikes are originally came with contact breaker ignition systems although many riders opted to use electronic replacements to aid better starting on smoother running of the engine now make no mistake this leto cr250 machine was a very serious motocross contender ray of the kree and required next in no mortification before

Actually going racing now the 250 elsinore was an absolute rocket ship of a bike when you consider its limited size and stature it could turn and modern with the best bikes on the track weighing just around a measly a hundred and eight pounds it was a raiders delight to flick around and do any manner of tricks you asked of it and this little bait was so successful

When it was launched there what actually rumours at the time that honda had considered marketing this bike as simply the elsinore and leaving their legendary manufacturers on the brand name of the bike altogether now the cr 250 m came originally with these standard hydraulic telescopic forks which gave you approximately seven inches of travel at the front end

Now this of course was not ideal but we’re very adequate for the early 1970s when this bike was first introduced to racing they are from what i can recall from back in the day these little elsinore came with lightweight fend rear shocks that were more often than not replaced with much better replacement items like corney’s etc although on in this particular case

You can see this rider replace them with a lovely set of these classic falken rear shocks now the exhaust systems on these little machines were of course of the down swept low slung single piece configuration and as you can see in this particular case the writer has opted to go for a very high quality dng exhaust system which of course comes straight from the

Usa now when these bikes were first launched there was only really one car available at the time and these lovely fuel tanks we are honest originally polished aluminium although some of these writers now paint these and of course you had this lovely green go-faster a racing stripe on top which made it a superb looking little fuel tank now compared to many other

Motocross machines of its day this little elsinore had a lovely posh seat for the rider and as you can see this particular owner has recovered and reformed his racing seat now these side panels were moulded plastic and painted silver as well the front and rear fenders with this lovely little rubber flap on the front to deflate and he dirt thrown up from the front

Wheel now of course back in the day there were some top writers who used to race these machines and a couple of spring to mind where of course gary jones who proceeded to win the ama motocross 250 cc national title on this bike and also marty stripes who successfully defended his super bowl of motocross title aboard these little silver and green 250 elsinore now

Of course this little cr 250 m honda was of course honda’s very first ever competition dirt bike that honda actually built from scratch will buy in the past they would just take a current road going street bike and then adapt it for motocross use without doubt the honda 250 elsinore significantly influenced the evolution of motocross and helped to usher than the

Japanese dominance of the sport over the ensuing years now every motocross bike that honda has produced since 1973 has its roots to some degree enhanced by the future developments from these little 250 elsinore machines so there we have it a very very brief look at the iconic honda cr 250 m elsinore now we’re with regards to a start up and hearing these bikes

Running and don’t actually have any footage of this particular bikes bottle but i can maybe go one better and let you see and hear these superb little machines in action on the track at the 2018 kendall classic revival scramble so hope you’ve enjoyed this brief video on the iconic cr 250 m elsinore sand i’m going to leave you just to listen and watch the signs

Of these iconic little machines in action on the track ah the this video was brought to you in association with wall sport motocross race and leisure wear and also in association with the mx magazine the world’s undisputed number one publication for all your vintage and classic dirt bike motorcycles

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Classic Dirt Bikes "Honda CR250M Elsinore" By Chris Montignani