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Cobra 3 Slip On Exhausts Install And Sound Test- 2020 Honda Fury

In this weeks video, i install the Cobra 3″ slip-on Exhausts on my honda fury, and give a sound sample of the final product!

What is going on guys esoteric rider here and today what we’re going to be doing is adding a little bit of modification to the honda fury and what we’re going to be doing is taking off the back half of the exhaust these are the stock ones and adding on these cobra three-inch slip-ons we’re gonna be adding a little bit of noise to the bike because don’t get me

Wrong although it gets the point across whenever you’re riding i just need a little more rumble and a little more noise you might as well have it if you can get it right but anyway let’s jump right into the installation and let’s get some noise to this bike okay so the first step is actually going to be removing the stock muffler and to do that we first got

To start off by removing the front muffler clamps and the rear muffler clamps so i’m going to go ahead and grab the tools to do so and then move on to the next step up next we got to remove these bolts here do take note when you’re removing these you do have to have a half inch wrench holding the back and i’m using a socket to take it off from the front

Because you have a bolt and washer holding it in from behind onto the actual uh onto the actual mount so let me get this other screw out and we should be able to pull it out okay now that both of those bottom screws are removed and the clamps are removed the instructions say to pull rearward on these and they should slide right off so let’s go ahead and do

That all right the bottom one came out with a little bit of a fight but yeah here are the stock mufflers they’re exactly what they said they are in staphon and slip off so this should be a rather hi buddy rather easy install up first we’re gonna do the front muffler body we’re gonna take this and install the larger clamp onto the end here so this will slide

On onto the onto the bottom one here because that’s the front the front is the bottom and the back is the top so let’s go ahead and unpackage this and this already has the hardware included with it with the clamp so it should be rather easy okay so sorry if you change chinging in the background this is my dog and this is how the exhaust shield is going or the

Heat shield is going to look on the exhaust pipe this is the rear one make sure that you got the right one you could just identify it by the part number i was trying to put on 2-2 which goes on the rear one when i’m working on the front the front muffler and it wasn’t just wasn’t fitting but good thing i didn’t mangle that one but yeah this is how it’s gonna

Look afterwards to give a little diagram of how it actually goes on um you say you shouldn’t actually have to take it all the way take the bolt all the way out like i did for this one so what’s gonna end up happening is how you got this little lip here this clamp is gonna slide underneath i don’t know if i can get a good view so it slides underneath like so

And then this this clamp is going to go on the actual exhaust pipe itself so it’s going to take this and and tighten around the actual pipe so if in case that was a little confusing to you that’s what that’s going to do so i’m going to get the the rear pipe ready and then we’re gonna actually put it on the bike so i’ll be right back to do so okay so i did the

Exact same thing with the top one and made sure that the hex was in facing upwards and now comes the alignment part so i’m going to go down here they say not to tighten this bolt but put it in but don’t tighten it because this you can see it isn’t necessarily aligned perfect but with a little bit of adjustment and a little bit of wiggle room we’ll be able to

Adjust it to recording and then after that we just have to put these two bolts that were included into the back here that attaches the top one to the bottom one and then we’ll be able to fire her up and see how she sounds so let’s get those installed okay so the new pipes are installed one note i do want to give is that it did take a few alignments down here

To make sure that the rear pipe or the top one aligned up here to where it mounted to the bottom pipe but just give it a little bit of wiggle room on the bottom and these should be able to just grab the pipe and twist it where it needs to go of course just make sure that you’re not actually twisting the exhaust pipe itself that’s going into the engine and that

Should be okay so now let’s fire up the bike and see how it sounds well there you have it guys the cobra 3 inch slip-on exhaust pipes for the 2020 honda fury it was an incredibly easy install and sounds awesome for the price the link for these will be in the description down below if you want more information on these and i’ll also upload another video of how

These sound on a regular ride so until then be safe and ride free peace out you

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Cobra 3" Slip On Exhausts Install And Sound Test- 2020 Honda Fury By Esoteric Rider