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GAS TANK FULL RESTORATION | Classic Honda Motorcycle Restoration

Full restoration of the gas tank on my 1984 Honda CB700sc Nighthawk!

Wow hey what’s up you guys welcome to another video thanks for tuning in so today on the nighthawk we’re going to be restoring the gas tank i need to rebuild the petcock because i noticed that’s leaking obviously needs a new paint job but i’m going to replace the gas cap as well we’re doing a total facelift on this gas tank so stay tuned cheers before we get

Started i want to just mention that you guys should hit that subscribe button hook a brother up brother help the channel grow help yourself not miss an upload all right stay tuned cheers oh boy the filter like shockingly actually doesn’t look that bad so that’s good news well the gas coming out looks good so that’s great news all right we got our petcock

Rebuild kit here looks like just some gaskets and a diaphragm so that checks out and a spring okay and o-ring so okay i got that in there take this one out now i really cannot get it in there dude oh it’s so close though come on get in the hole that’s what she said i finally got that in there so okay let’s not forget the spring this time i first

Installed this diaphragm upside down i had it pointing towards the tank you want to point it away from the tank if you’re following this to redo your own petcock make sure you have this is how it should look your line going that way and then your vacuum line pointing down towards the ground hmm okay it’s looking like it took some paint off but not all of it so

A little bit of a letdown oh wow this was the way to take the sticker off though my goodness that was really satisfying okay quick update i left that paint stripper on for about 17 or 18 hours i think i could have left it on for longer as you saw it’s definitely stripped away most the paint in some areas but in other areas it didn’t get down to bare metal

But that’s okay i’m gonna just sand it all over and it’s not gonna matter but yeah so now we’re gonna sand the tank and get it ready for painting so stay tuned cheers so okay so quick update i ended up after all that standing you just saw i ended up putting more of the uh paint stripper on here for about another day and this is this is where we’re at now

All the paint’s almost gone i gotta do a little bit more sanding smooth it all out and then once i’ve done that we’ll be yeah we’ll be ready for painting so so nice oh my god this is annoying literally why why does this have to be on here okay we got that weird blue peel wrap off of the gas cap that was super annoying i get why it’s on there but

Yeah whatever uh so now we’re gonna install this on the gas tank stay tuned so okay here’s my gas tank emblems here’s kind of a sneak peek of the side panel stuff and then the front and rear fairing stickers those will be in a future video these are going to go on the gas tank that’s the hardest part it’s getting off the wax now okay so i’m gonna

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Out all right cheers all right that’s going to do it for today’s episode we got the gas tank totally restored i think it looks really awesome that’s my first time doing that kind of sticker decal thing and i think it turned out well especially because i just did it by eye stay tuned for more on this project it’s coming along i’m so stoked on it still feels like

There’s a lot to do but we’re getting very close don’t forget to comment like and subscribe you guys thank you so much for watching and if i can build a bike then so can you cheers

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