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GET Takes Mapping To An All-New Level 2016 Honda CRF250R Transmoto Project Bike

GET has complemented it performance ECUs with mind-blowing new technology made specifically for new-gen Hondas. Check it out.

We have the trans moto crf 250r project bike back in at sp mx we’re going to move on to the second stage of the ecu development which we’re going to use the they get our x1 evo and we’re going to fit it up with the lc gpa as well which is our our launch control for the start and also an led display for our gpa level so we’ll go through a couple of the features

Of the our x1 evo that we’re fitted to the crf 250r and they would be simply the the map switch that we have mounted here nice and easy for the rider to to change from from one map to the other this all can be done on the fly so whilst the bikes running you can actually switch as easy as that from one map to another which you know we can predetermine different

Characteristics of the engine in each of the maps and then we have here which is new for 2016 this unit is is very very handy it’s llc gpa the unit is a led light display it has on it a multi-function light and an lc light lc being launch control and the multifunction light being a few different things that the rider can predetermine we can have we can have the

Multifunction light come up when the engines hot we can program service hours into there so very handy in a very very advanced unit okay so we’ll go through one of the functions that we’re going to use mostly on the bike which was which will be the gpa on this model as i said we’ve got the lc gpa so we’ve got the led light display we’re able to select the amount

Of gpa or traction control no led no blue led lights being off and one single led light being one gpa which is the least amount of of gpa that’s been active activated and then right through to ten gpa which is the most amount of gpa provided this is on the on the honda we are able to flick through all this at ease on the dashboard up here we’re able to use on the

Honda we’re able to use the standard mode control switch to to start the the gpa it’ll take a single hold of the button for about four to five seconds and the multifunction light will will be activated and that lets you know that you can start to select gpa each single push thereafter will build up the amount of gpa once you leave the amount of gpa that you’ve

Selected we like to use you know anywhere from two to three depending on the conditions there’s no right or wrong with gpa it really is right a preference so we’re able to use that you know depending on track conditions and depending on how the rider wants to operate the bike once we’ve once we’ve been through gpa we will hold the button the next function would be

The launch control which we use at the start gate to to activate this will hold the button for a further four seconds so four seconds and keep holding it for a total of eight will get us into the launch control you’ll see on your lc g pa there’ll be a flashing red led in the center of the gp a switch once this is activated the all of ten blue lc displays therefore

Start to start to flash according to engine rpm so as you build the engine rpm revs up there’ll be more it’ll act like a taco more engine rpm the more led display so we’re able to use this mechanism on the bike so that we can have the bike at an absolute staple every time so you can maybe you might you know bog off the line you can keep the bike at the absolute

Same every time by using this lc launch control and maybe make an adjustment to the rider so you might move forward a little bit more to give it a little bit more wheel spin or you might increase the engine rpm that you use last on once you find the technique and the perfect start you’re able to replicate it time and time again and this is where this unit is so

Successful we’re really excited for the trans moto magazine to get a hold of this technology and and we can’t wait for them to get out and and and start playing with the technology it’s very very good we’re very excited about the product and stay tuned and see what see what the boys think

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GET Takes Mapping To An All-New Level – 2016 Honda CRF250R Transmoto Project Bike By Transmoto