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GoPro7 Ram Mount Test HONDA GOLDWING

GoPro 7 Ram Mount Test Honda GoldWing. I normally use a suction cup on mirror for SELFIE view on Goldwing. Decided I would try this product and see how it does when MotoVlogging. I also bought a Phone mount as well, which i always carry my phone in pocket or in my cup holder.

So this is the ram mount that i’m gonna be doing this test with right here we’ve got the four inch with the gopro mount you can see it hooks right in there easy install all screws provided and everything we’re just gonna test the stabilization on this let’s ride a little bit well intestines gopro seven out on this ramp mount ball what i’m looking for is

A stabilization if it’s smooth not with the camera but with the vibration or shaking of the ranma i better kick in selfie mode but it’s in selfie mode here then i’m gonna flip the camera round that’s got to be all this see whether i get it – yeah or a day we’re mounting your gopro i’m just in my neighborhood right here alright that’s about one minute in

Selfie mode all right let’s check it out in front of you you see what we get we’ll see how it handles over the bump kind of rub let’s take a little curve up here so this is the ram mount that i went with it’s the four inch right here on the honda goldwing you could get the six inch maybe to get it back a little further you can see that’s where it mounts

Right into your cover that’s on there pretty quick easy install that’s not what this is about though i just wanted to test the shakiness so and you get it set you get it mounted you just have to be aware that wherever you mount it to make sure in a full lock it’s not gonna hit the windshield okay so i wanted to basically test the shakiness of it and it appears with

This setup right here with a ram mount on the gopro the camera is pretty stable now keep in mind the gopro seven has got pretty good image stabilization so i just want to give a quick test of a review and like say i’ve got the four inch right here this is kind of spring-loaded right here as well hooks up easy and here’s the gopro mount right there i’ll post a link

On the website where i got this from i’m not finding the new piece on the website as of this moment so anyhow appreciate you watching and drop me a comment what do you think is that stable enough i don’t really know if i’m sold on the angle though it’s kind of got a different angle but i mostly used at least one gopro for a selfie camp anyway so just thought i’d

Share this with you let me know what you think about the footage is it is stable enough is it good enough anyway don’t forget to hit like button don’t forget to hit the subscribe button

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GoPro7 Ram Mount Test HONDA GOLDWING By MemphisMike