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Help!!! 1991 Honda CBR1000F vacuum hose carburator Removal stuck

Okay so see you can see these this right here okay so to go to the carb and these two go to the carb so this one goes down there okay and then this one now this bottom one goes to here so right there and then this these two over here so this hose goes down through there and over and you can’t really see down in there and then the hose that i don’t know where it

Goes is the bottom one of these four so it goes like this down and then i don’t know where it goes it was like stuck somewhere like that when i noticed that it wasn’t attached to anything and then so here’s the diagram and if you look on the hoses there’s little fives i don’t know if you’ll be able to see it very well you know you won’t bill see it it’s horrible

Oh wait that’s better okay so this thing right i’m gonna have my finger right there see that right there that’s this that four-way right there so so okay so it’s right there and these little there’s those are fives so all four of them go i don’t see how close i can get without it i won’t build two okay well if you could see the numbers on those lines on let’s

See laughs here this line this line this line and that line see how they just go kind of onto the carbs and that’s not what i’m seeing when i look at these cars i’m seeing one that goes down and round over there and then two they go down inside the carbs and then this one where where it’s going in on the other side over there that’s the choke so and then so here’s

This is how much room wait that’s my fuel line okay so i can pull this back and get like an inch or so but the problem is i’ve got everything unhooked i’ve got the gas tank fuel tank off right so i got that unhooked i got the choke line unhooked these are loose i just want to i don’t want to take them off the thing until i can figure out i can get the carbs out so

Everything should be off and these are all loose and it just it’s like bolted on there i don’t know i had an idea it’s probably good for it but this is a long screwdriver that i used to get inside there to do it so just rest on that and i’m not really trying to poke nothing down in there it’s just loose but when i do that see it has give makes me believe that i

Can pull these off here if i was strong enough but i don’t know i’m thinking maybe i take the whole airbox off and try it that way so i can see i don’t know i love then hate this bike at the same time soon as i get this fixed i love it but for right now i hate it

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Help!!! 1991 Honda CBR1000F vacuum hose carburator Removal stuck By CBR Red