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Honda ATV Carburetor Cleaning | Honda TRX350 |

Get what you need for your Honda Rancher carb rebuild here:

Carburetor on our 2003 honda rancher 350 two-wheel-drive pretty simple to do, just need to get the carburetor, and we’ll get it over to the teardown alright, this is going to be a skill level 10mm with a fairly long extension, a phillips not sure if we’re going to need it, but if other than that, need a 7mm, a 10 and a 14mm just regular wrench. now as far as the parts,

You’ll want to reference has all the pieces or you can reference the out which you can reference to pick out the plus it makes it a lot easier looking at the so, once you have your tools and the parts alright, let’s start by going ahead and turning off the fuel. and i want to go ahead and loosen up these two clamps. now, we should be able to just pull this back to give us

A little bit more working room, i’d go ahead and take it off so you don’t now, we can go ahead and remove the front clamp that’s going to the intake. what we’re doing right now doesn’t involve want to go ahead and remove any possibility actually disconnected from the machine, it bowl and when i start to move it around it’s so we want it to be electrically dead so we don’t

Ignite that fuel. we need to go ahead and do the throttle and the choke. lift that cover up and then it just pulls out like that. push that boot up and just loosen off that pinch bolt. and then swing it all the way around to where next, we need to remove the choke cable, and it just threads straight in. alright, the reason we’re actually pulling would start, but after

That it really didn’t want to idle. reach in where this little section is where so let’s take her over to the teardown bench and get it pulled apart. cleaner to get this cleaned up a bit because so i’m going to go ahead and flip it upside definitely have on a pair of glasses when we’re going to start by getting the slide out of the way. so, if you haven’t bought one of

These little just keep in mind that it’s across from where the throttle cable is connected. you want to look around the diaphragm, see what kind of shape it’s in. if they don’t want to immediately break loose, i do see a little bit of sediment down in the bottom. also can tell it’s been a while since anybody so the kit i’m using is actually from moose different jets and

The adjustment screws and alright let’s go ahead and get that float bowl pin out. if you’re looking at the carburetor from the bottom right there. that way we reduce the chance that we’re actually going to break the carburetor. now, go ahead and pull that out and then lift out the float. it wasn’t leaking or anything like that but and i pretty much know that it’s going

To it’s what they call the idle jet. and no i cannot see through this one. some type or light coming through there and i can’t. now to determine where it was set from the a quarter turns, we can take it and just mark you have the main section there and then there’s also a spring. what i want to do at this point is use some we can just spray out some of these orifices

And then get her put back together. of your carburetor cleaner and just put it that should be flowing straight through, but it’s barely burbling through. i just want to give the new o-ring a fighting chance of sealing up, you know? main, i pretty much already know it’s going to be open. some pieces i will replace, others i will stay with the factory. so the real trick

Here is to get it all lined up and keep it vertical. now i counted when we took it apart, somebody so i’m going to split the difference and just come out two turns. if you were running at a real high altitude, you actually have the jet that goes up top so this piece is actually two separate pieces, so you put those together and that’s what you end up with. there’s also

One they call i think it’s a start jet. since we’re in it, they sent it with the kit, alright with that, i am going to go ahead and replace the float bowl needle. and we want to use our little piece of wood take your carburetor, working with gravity, and there. let’s go ahead and put this slide assembly back in. this little clamp remember went opposite of alright, well

That’s got it back together, before we get he carburetor on, some of our i didn’t order new ones because i didn’t realize they were broken. we’re just going to trim them down, cut off and the other one goes on the other side right here. slides into that little slot at the bottom, then, get this little 10mm on on the bottom of the airbox itself. grab it, bring it across,

And get it plugged back in. alright you’ll notice when i first started it up it was idled way high. compensated for it is they brought the idle circuit to keep it what it was supposed to be doing. so, pretty much figured that was going to well listen, if you need any of the parts that we used to do this, come see us at and until next time, we just want to say thanks for watching.

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Honda ATV Carburetor Cleaning | Honda TRX350 | By Partzilla