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Honda ATV Maintenance – Checking Wheel Bearings

Let’s continue with the maintenance series for the 1997 Honda 400 Foreman ATV. In this video I check the wheel bearings.

How’s she going boys mike here welcome back to grandpa’s workshop so another check that we’re going to do on the honda is we’re going to check the wheel bearings so it’s not a very complicated check unless there’s problem with the bearings of course but generally it’s a quick and easy check to do so let’s have a look and we’re going to check wheel bearings front

And back so i’ve got the jack under the actually i put it right underneath the trailer hitch and crank the bike up so check the bearings i like to just wiggle it from top and bottom and left and right that seems okay so that’s a good bearing i’d say they’ll check the other side do the same in the front if there’s issues i’ll come back and show you but basically

What happens with bearings is you’ll get flop i’m like back and forth it just seems like the wheel is loose on the hub and it’s a bad bearing the front end is a little different so maybe i will take the front end because the front ends we’ve got tie rod ends on it and the tie rods can be sloppy and make the wheel wobble so i’ll video the doing the front ones so

We’ve got the front end jacked up now and again you’re just checking to see if there’s looseness kind of over the steering wheel and a little bit just hold the steering wheel you believe hold the handlebars and then well it’s up you can turn it around and you can check the boots and also the tie rod ends i’d like to show you some of this stuff but it’s a turn

Dark in there i have a hard time seeing the a-arms i guess the poem they look good in the pivot points ball joints but i guess no i guess you’d call those ball joints yeah you know please and the dry boots all look good so that’s nice okay so not much to check and wheel bearings they just give the wheels a little shake top and bottom left and right the front a

Little more complicated because the ball joints come into play there and the steering knuckles but you can just you know go easy and shake the wheels just just to try to move the wheels but you can also cheat a little bit and check your ball joints while you’re checking the wheel bearings because you can turn the wheel right around and get a good look at the ball

Joint we’ll do the back and forth and cesar said you play your movement the ball joints and you can check the rubber boots that go on the on the universal joints that go to your front drive and the rubber boots that are on the ball joint so you can wheel in a couple of checks there while you’re doing the wheel bearings efficiency’s names the game right anyways

Hope you liked the video not much to it pretty quick but check wheel bearings that’s important so click like click subscribe if you haven’t subscribe to the channel already i’m glad you dropped in i hope you enjoyed it and i hope you drop back again into grandpa’s workshop we’ll tack these you

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Honda ATV Maintenance – Checking Wheel Bearings By Grampie’s Workshop