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Honda ATV = Reliability

Welcome to the channel. Feel welcome to comment if you had any experience with Honda. You can watch in full screen if you flip your phone twice.

It is december 24th christmas eve so merry christmas to everyone out there here i am out at the the rice fields family farm area behind me coming around is a honda it’s about this is an o 7 2007 model honda rancher and this bad boy is our main four-wheeler for well one of the main folders for working the fields and the rice fields usually in the prime time of the

Growing season usually has about anywhere between a foot to two feet of water and about six inches of mud so the only thing really that’s been upgraded is the rims and tires it’s got some taller profile better for crossing the levees and then also the skinnier tires they get down to the bottom of the hard mud instead of sitting on top and spin-spin out this is a

Bad boy has not given any trouble and really this thing’s just put through the wringer and put to use which is the best use case for honda’s knows honda’s you know we’re not bility they just put it to the test and let’s go ahead and see you can see the racks are worn out this i mean and the fenders are scuffed up as you can get a seat even though the seat is the

Foams broken down funny thing is look at that there’s no tears in it it’s still good solid solid pieces that cover how wouldn’t only to call it leather it’s like some type of hybrid synthetic well let’s see what it sounds like let’s turn the key on there’s no odometer on here i wish there was let’s fire it up just like that and that’s one of them let’s walk

Around here you shouldn’t be another one it’s good to look at it yeah behind me you see a few combines a little lower there go here’s another rancher this one looks a little bit better shape maybe same thing okay this one’s number so think this like about three of them out here and we’ve had polaris it’s out here suzuki’s and honda’s and out of all those we just

Now are sticking to honda’s honda just had the best reliability of course that’s probably not surprised for anyone out there but it’s pretty cool to see actually someone put it to use like a daily worker and see what it looks like how it holds up way different scenario than here then your your baby folder that you that your pride you keep in the garage kind of

Like i do for the brute force but if honda ever comes out with a a v-twin or something to compete with the haunt the duck kawasaki’s and the polaris’s and the can amps and imma jump on and get me a honda but now they don’t so if you’re looking for a good work for theirs oh no doubt honda’s is the best nope just want to show you that thought is pretty cool tried

And true there you go everyone up there thanks for watching merry christmas happy new year subscribe if you’d like so i can keep doing these kind of motivates me more if i get a few subscribers here and there have a good one like

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Honda ATV = Reliability By Chad Outdoors