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Honda ATV Turbocharger – How to turbocharge #3

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Okay so is it worth turbocharging that’s up to you i think they run great without a turbo you’re gonna lose a little bottom and that’s just a given the turbos but if you’re in the mid to upper rpm range all the time you just you’re gonna have our everywhere anyway so i’ll first get into just while we’re on this side of the turbo and buy into oiling the turbo

And so what i’ve done with this is i’m running the oil off the motor this is a vz 21 a bay turbo a knockoff of like a i eh i rh b 31 but this line right here that is the line that you would feed your oil cooler just your engine oil i have that running to feed the turbo it comes up and feeds the turbo up on top there what i did was i teed off part of that into

The return where your oil cooler would return oil the reason i did that is i found that this little vz 21 turbo does not like more than about 13 psi of oil pressure and this motor makes 15 psi of oil pressure stock which is not that’s what it does so this has solved my problem if you’ve got too much oil pressure with this turbo you’ll push right past the oil

Rings anyway on most journal bearing turbos like this a lot of oil pressure is good but this cheap $80 ebay one does not like more than about 13 psi and then the oil drain is he finger yes out of that so it comes down right here and then that little t that’s just to drain my oil to change it but then that brass fitting there and the bottom of the motor that is

Where your you’d normally pull your oil drain bolt to drain the oil the reason i returned there is because a lot of these motors then most you’ll come by on that side of the motor where your where your bolt is your oil from the motor when it’s running will kind of basin up there and the pump basically sucks your oil up into it right there and feeds that feeds

It back to the motor so essentially it’s sucking this line dry so you’re not gonna have have to worry about the oil backing up and have issues that way and yes i do have the oil drain during the company i like rotella t6 for these motors it’s center was it works great the breather is just a simple breather for the cases have up coming out here your breather

And then i actually have this teed off so it could push oil out if they need it to i had a problem with it pushing oil out the filter when my oil pressure was too high going to the turbo but now that’s directed i’ve had none push out that little nickel my filter is dry so that solved that now if you want to feed the the turbo oil from a stand-alone setup you

Can use something like this i was running this at first but then i got sick of the extra weight and what have you but there’s your pickup down there this bolt was just to hook the oil pump to on top you’ve got a cap there’s a breather and of course that was round to a hose into my other breather line actually and that’s where the turbo drain bed – and then i

Fed i filled this up so this tank was maybe a third of the way full and the reason they have this tube on the bottom here is so if you’re going up a hill downhill left right your oil pump is always getting oil to feed the turbo and you can get these little oil pumps from eco tron’s eat goat ron’s on online off of the web link in the description my buddy peyton

Hooked me up with this one so i could use it and it works great it doesn’t drain the battery it only uses like a point three amps so good setup if you don’t want to screw with the engine to get oil to the turbo but this setup here does work and it applies to all single cylinders so and you’re ugly you’re disgusting i’m gonna kill you give me $200

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