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Honda Big Red 250ES Lost Key, Bypassing an ATV Key Switch!

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Hey tubers welcome back for another adventure i decided to take hot-wiring this big read off as a secondary video i bought this from somebody who picked it up as a roadside take it for free type deal i gave him 200 for it it came with a lot of good parts but one of those parts it did not come with was a key so he’s looking at the dashboard here and you say man how

Do i hotwire it and all that kind of stuff it’s actually fairly fairly easy this honda thing prize right up then you have two phillips heads you just spin those out music but like bionic fingertips here right and once those are loose failure you’re able to get to the back of the switch typically the wires are a little bit tight in my case i’m not i do not have a

Key for this i checked my hoarded keys i’m not gonna find a key for this there’s no possibility of getting another key so i am gonna have to replace it what you do is you kind of pry it back as much as you can try not to lose the screws you have the wire to the back of this right and you actually just cut them free i’ll show you how to hook them up together to get

The dashboard lights and all that by the way once you get this free you could kind of push it off to the side and put this whole thing back together again you have all the wires you need right there you don’t have to mess with any of these lights or anything just leave them be so i cut the wires off from behind the switch and i put those two bolts in put that back

On and here’s what it looks like once you do that you see these two bigger wires this red is actually hot from the battery if you short it to the body you’ll blow the fuse back over there by the battery and this is actually the load of the bike these two wires notice how i don’t have them stripped and they’re floating this one’s ground and this one is the off

Circuit this act is actually how you turned the bike off so if you short these two together you turn off the ignition so you want to leave those floating and notice those two i have them stripped and when i put them together see how the headlight comes on and the neutral light comes on and if you push the button over here assuming everything else on the bike is

Working properly your starter should go round and round right on this bike not everything is working properly so but anyway we have power we have the bike powered up and we have the ignition enabled let’s go with enabled now some of you may say well what happens if you don’t have the key and your battery’s dead big red happens to be a bike that has an ac stator

That powers the cdi unit so theoretically just separating these two wires you do that by turning the switch to on or by cutting them any way by just separating these two wires the bike should kick start assuming once again everything else is proper i’ve turned this bike over hot wiring the starter to me it doesn’t appear as if the starting relay is is functioning

It appears as if remember i mentioned this bike has a lot of corrosion and a lot of other troubles and as a matter of fact i got a trunk full of junk here they they put the battery in the trunk they put instead of the battery being in that container right there they moved the battery to the trunk and went up a size so you know they’ve that all kinds of interesting

Things going on with this i’m noticing also with the starter there are two wires on the starter that far side is the one you put power to and this side here is the one you ground that’s to make sure it’s in neutral that’s what the neutral switches it grounds it also i think if it’s a reverse it won’t allow you to engage the starter either right because it doesn’t

Want to start up well unless it’s in neutral won’t start so you can’t be in reverse if you’re in neutral so there we are you now know how to hotwire one of these simple enough take this off get to the back of the switch cut the wires when you’re cutting the wires remember if you got batteries going to those wires and you short your plies to ground or is you’re

Cutting the wires you you connect this to that right you’re gonna blow the fuse so not a bad idea to disconnect one lead from the battery the positive lead from the battery cut the wires put the battery terminal back on and then once again you turn it on right you got your neutral light and you’ve got your headlight so there we are you now know how to hotwire bike

By the way almost all honda’s use the same wiring convention red for hot coming for the battery black for load black with the white stripe is turning it off on the cdi and green is for ground once again green and black and white turn off the spark and these so when you when you turn it from off to on these to open up and when you turn it to on these to close and

When you turn it off these to close right which turns off the engine and these to open up which turns out the lights and the ignition and everything else oh i’m gonna thank you all for watching and commenting and subscribing please please keep your feet down your heads up and make sure you get out and enjoy each and every day bye now

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Honda Big Red 250ES Lost Key, Bypassing an ATV Key Switch! By Harvey Spooner