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Honda CB1100 8K Video | Canon EOS R5


If you had the chance to ride big bikes about 10 years ago and if you miss the feel of the old bikes that’s pretty hard to find these days but this cb1100 is the closest to the old bike feel that you can get today literally everything, whether it be the engine, looks, weight, and controls it is literally almost the same as the old bikes from back in the days i like the design

Because it reminds me of the old bikes look at the engine. we don’t get to see chromium pipes in naked bikes these days we tend to see the one that coats in anti-rust agent instead but this is similar to the 80s – 90s that have the pipes curling toward the back like this but this one is a bit dusty so it is a bit less glossy back then we had the grille and radiator but in

The new generation honda has been developing this engine for quite a long time although, there were a bunch of air cool bikes as well however, the new cb1100 still maintain that grille design and that is what attractive because the newer bikes that have radiator have no need for the grille honda actually make the 1100 to be retro and 1000r is the modern design one most of

The sport bikes and naked bikes have their shock in the center but the shocks are of the left and right of the sub-tank on this one you can’t really just park anyway because someone might steal it the dashboard literally has the same vibe as the one back in the day although this still has some digital vibe to it in the middle here because back then there are literally three

Analogs right here but this is the same design as the one from the 80s – 90s as well the newer model are using led in which make them more modernized most bikes from 2010 until now don’t really sound like this the layout are also similar along with this triangular piece here as well the front shock is not upside-down because back then they were all telescopic the different

From the old generation is the radiant mount if you want it to be super classic then it has to be axle they have to put the engine to the side unlike the modern bikes that doesn’t have the frame on the bottom right in this area so when they put the bike together, they just hang the engine on the top the characteristics of the engine are very similar to the old models the

Different thing is that the old 1000 cc for cb bikes the characteristics are the same but you get one more speed unlike the old 5 speeds if you have tried the stands from the 80s – 90s, you will get the same feeling from this one for those, who are looking for retro bikes that will remind you of the old bikes cb is the only one i can think of that is on the market at the

Moment many models like the z900rs that is similar to the z1-2 from back in the days that is the z900 with the same body and it maintains the modern look but when we talk about cb, this is similar to the old cb younger people might think that this bike is too bulky and heavy but for those who love the feel of the old model. cb1100 is the perfect answer if you like the sport

And modern look then you get the cb1000r but if you want to get the retro feel then you get the cb1100 look at the brake light. it looks quite similar as well but this one is led it it the combination of the old and new generation what i love the most is the engine sound. it is literally the same and it is the 2017 model with only 11,000 km. on the clock if you are looking

For this please come check it out my voice might be a bit tired because the camera is quite heavy not sure if you guys will be able to watch it in 8k because it requires a lot of computer and internet resources that’s it for today guys. i will see you in the next video

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พาชม Honda CB1100 มือสอง แบบ 8K Video | Canon EOS R5 By DBigbike