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Honda CB1300 Motovlog – Ride to Matlock Bath and Walsall Arboretum to see British Bloom

Honda CB1300 Motovlog – Ride to Matlock Bath and Walsall Arboretum to see British Bloom 🇬🇧.

Through the eyes of a traveler hello hello hello hello world first and foremost let’s say hello this is me saying hello to you and this is hello from my bike my steed cb 1300 f so the honda is what i’m taking out today and where i’m taking you is an interesting little place um i say little because it’s not a venue that has anything other than the excitement

Of seeing other bikes because it’s a gathering of bikers that you find at this venue the venue is matlock what we’re going to do is something really really exciting and something very very english guess what well i might as well tell you we’re going to have fish and chips so i’m looking for an excuse to have fish and chips and um i thought why not head towards

Matlock see some beautiful countryside on the way hopefully we’ll get to see some nice bikes um and enjoy the quintessential english fish and chips that one has on a friday how does that sound fair enough well in that case i’m going to let you enjoy the ride and i’ll get back to you in a very short while so whilst i’m riding let me share something with you

Let me share the reason why some of us if not most of us ride when we ride it’s a great therapeutic action one that clears the head and for me riding just allows me to see the world in a way where i feel very much a part of it anyway we’re heading towards matlock so um i’ll touch base with you when we get there in england traditional i don’t know

Traditional friday meal is fish and chips which i’m enjoying um but i’ve come out to a place called matlock bath and if you look you can see there’s lots and lots of bikers yeah well not lots and lots obviously it’s my little baby there it was a fair few but i think corona has kind of limited outings but normally you will you wouldn’t be able to find a space to

Park your bike and then it’s the quintessential fish and chips diet coke because i’m trying to be healthy fish and chips and diet coke water food that’s what i am and um my new tank bag which has been fantastic so fish and chips fully devoured stomach round and road tunned and i think it’s time to hit the road again um i’ll just give you a look at some of these

Bikes there’s one that’s caught my eye where is it where is it it’s over here what a lovely bike so now i’m riding through ashbourne um and then i’ll hit the road and try to cover some more green lanes but this is quite a lovely little town that is ashmore so i thought i’d show you this i hope you enjoy so continued so whilst riding i recollect that somebody

Said to me that it’s fun watching you ride but i’d like to see more more of england so i’m going to take you to a little park it’s called the walsall arboretum and it’s quite a distance away from here but hopefully we’ll head in that direction and we’ll be there in no time at all let’s see the bloom and blossom of england what do you say fancy that i think for

Those that aren’t bikers they need to have something a little more appealing than this firsthand view of the riding position so let’s do them a favor and let’s offer them a little more ready for more well here it comes so that’s the end of this video folks i hope you enjoyed it thank you for watching and thank you for your patience obviously it’s time for me

To say those special words please do like comment and subscribe but no seriously folks stay smiling be happy and for those that are on two wheels please ride safely take care everyone god bless you see you very soon for the next video bye-bye now

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