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Honda CB350RS Road Test Review | How Different Is It? | Who Should Buy It? | Acceleration, Features

Honda has used the capable foundations of the H’ness CB350 to spawn a new motorcycle. The resultant CB350RS is more youthful and vibrant than the more old school H’ness, but also misses out on some of its features, despite being more expensive. Honda has also made some small tweaks to the underpinnings, and we’ve ridden the bike to find out how much of a difference all these changes make.

Virat kohli’s won us another test series  donald trump managed to avoid impeachment   and karthik started dyeing his hair i’ve also had  to start wearing spectacles and in the meantime,   honda has launched this the cb350 rs now it’s  powered by the same engine housed in the same   changes if honda is to be believed to

Find   out just how true that is and what difference  these changes make we’re going to be riding   two parts the first is what honda has done   differently as a manufacturer and the second is  to be fair there are quite a few changes on the rs  on the one hand honda’s giving you a sportier  riding stance more blacked out

Bits a sleeker   kind of zone but then they’ve also thrown in a   the rear wheel is down from 18 to 17 inches  and wrapped in a fatter 150 section tyre   but honda snatched away bluetooth connectivity and  mobile phone charging other differences include   redesigned side panels and a new tuck and roll  seat while the

Height remains the same at 800 mil   the seat is now slightly wider so shorter riders  might just find it a bit more troublesome to get   their feet down the highness’s old school heel  and toe shifter has made way for a more modern toe   only shifter on the rs if we put on our corporate  caps for a moment and think about this

From a cost   to company point of view there’s less chrome bits  which should theoretically make this cheaper for   hunter to manufacture similarly the omission of  bluetooth and usb charging should help shave off   some bucks for honda and the more conventional  rear wheel should again make it more affordable   000

This is about 10 grand more expensive   than the similarly equipped dlx variant of the  the ride is actually done more to highlight the  similarities than the differences you still get   the same 348 cc motor a little flat at the bottom  but then it pulls quite cleanly and strongly it’s   just about as quick as its more old-school

Sibling  only half a second separates them to 100 kph   and this is probably down to the two kilos that  this bike has lost by virtue of its chopped   fenders and smaller wheels while this engine’s  laid back power delivery felt quite natural on the   easy-going highness it begins to feel a little  lethargic from the sportier

Saddle of the rs   tall gearing that has remained unchanged   from the highness even something as simple as  sprocketing changes would have gone a long way   appeal you also get the same excellent ride  quality from the highness but handling is a   rs in this name tag stands for road sailing   fatter rear tire has

Made this feel a little   more heavy steering than the highness and don’t  be fooled by honda’s claims about a lower stance   tire with a fatter sidewall so the overall   the other biggest change is to the riding posture  it’s slightly sportier which means the bars are   slightly further forward than slightly lower down 

The footpegs have been moved by a greater margin   than now more rear set and placed higher up it’s  definitely not uncomfortable this position you   can live with it on a daily basis it just means  that on the longer rides you will start to get   tired out a little bit earlier than the highness  we actually wish honda had been a

Little more   drastic with changes to the ergonomics we would  have liked maybe a full-blown cafe racer with   the front drop down and clip-on handlebars that  would solve the issue of front-end lightness that   so now that we know what honda has done  from a riding perspective we come to the final  piece of the puzzle which

Is who is this bike   why you or anyone else would buy this over a   highness is because you’re a big fan of the way  it looks because in terms of riding experience   you could get yourself a very similar perhaps even  slightly better riding experience for less money   opportunity from honda because it could have  

To create a more well-defined motorcycle with   a more unique identity that would appeal to a  different set of buyers instead they’ve taken   that’s resulted in a sort of confused bike  

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Honda CB350RS Road Test Review | How Different Is It? | Who Should Buy It? | Acceleration, Features By ZigWheels